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Obscene, inappropriate, salacious. The showing of skin is frowned upon by the masses.. except in the comfort of their own bedrooms. Why? Because in the bedroom we are no longer people who have jobs, lives, responsibilities; no, we are creatures of emotion, of passion. 7 more words


Geared up and dressed down

There’s something cathartic about riding a bike naked on the streets of Montreal. But that is yet to be determined as we enter our sixty-ninth minute of this ride. 63 more words

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Bee Challenge? & Public Nudity (vLog 6) | The Naturist Page

The following vLog I talk about this new social media trend that is beginning to go viral and and an article that has re-surfaced and caught my attention. 32 more words


Kids Nudity

In this day and age when we are so aware of pedophiles, peeping tom’s and child pornography, I often find myself wondering what is appropriate in terms of dressing and undressing kids in public. 380 more words

I Love Being Naked. Don't You?

There is something so profoundly wonderful about being naked with someone who you’re so comfortable with that you don’t even notice that you’re unclothed. When it becomes second nature to just climb out of bed with your cellulite and stretch marks and squishy bits and waltz right into the kitchen without thinking twice about the fact that you’re totally naked and exposed, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. 250 more words

Nudity in Western Art

Representation of the unclothed human form has been central to art almost since art began, on every continent where a culture arose. The Woman of Willendorf… 1,497 more words


11 Alcatraz

Over time a complicated family economy came into being.  It didn’t really “develop.”  More than anything it simply seemed to happen.  It began with the chickens.   773 more words