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Do Clothes Make the Man?

2014-12-18 – I read an account recently about a nudist colony. Do they call them colonies? Seems awfully colonial to me.

I wish I could give you a link. 265 more words

NSFW (I mean it!)

I’ve thought a lot about being a suicide girl or something like it. I’m a bit nervous, but I’d like your feedback if possible.

Man, if sir sees this I’m in trouble.
Love always,
Your neighborly sumbmissive.


spring summer not winter

you are in sunlight
tiny pill hairs
pin marking the moments
through silhouette
battling the shadows
and begging the sun for more


she's peeling off layers - dreaming of eve

give me your body – real
give me your mind – so intense
give me your heart – share mine

the water makes her so happy – and tops fly off… 49 more words


The Boob Rebellion: Ladies Ditch Tops for the Free the Nipple Movement

Gandhi burned registration cards in South Africa, straphangers boycotted the buses in Montgomery, Ala., Pussy Riot rotted in a Russian jail, and now we’re watching another great movement unfold, one that strives to liberate that most oppressed group of all: the millions of female nipples languishing in the captivity of bandeaus, camisoles and brassieres. 846 more words

Adam says – Epilogue, part 1: May Linh, Lily

Mr. You’s cremation was no religious ceremony, May Linh made sure of it. So it was just her and the kid and the undertaker, who didn’t know quite what to think. 1,561 more words

Adam Says

A truth behind Rape Cases in Delhi..??

A bitter truth ….on the roads of Delhi…

This National Capital Region (NCR) has been turned into National Capital of Rape, very smoothly as every other day some  girl is being encountered ; not by any weapon but a brutal act. 410 more words