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Pussy Riots are Pusillanimous

Sexism will inevitably proliferate, merely because men and women cannot and do not understand the dynamics of feminism. Or what feminism should essentially represent and entail. 508 more words


The valentines day heart origin

The origin of the valentines day heart is wonderful yet male driven. The human heart isnt cute and cuddly. It is dirty covered in arteries and veins, pumping blood and doing its job. 55 more words



Pretty nude woman exuding confidence in a public setting. Nice.

via K.C. Cave.

Nude Woman


within the pencil’d outline
your perfect white should appear
(because of paper, or not)
if your eyes should come to life
or hands, cover breast or loin… 57 more words


Less Nudity, More Examples

15-16 Apr 2014

I’d finally finished the videocast portion of my final year project, and had sent it off to my project supervisor. I teleported to a stage, much like the one from X-factor auditions except all of the seats were empty, other than the four for the judges. 253 more words


My take on nudity

With exception of protective needs in our modern world of chemicals and other hazzards, why do we really need clothes? We were not born with them. 325 more words