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Fashion Shoot Jams #1,2,3

I have a good friend that used to teach English in Japan. When he asked his class to practice English conversation, things were awkward at first. 386 more words


I met a metaphorical girl

I met a metaphorical girl in a metaphysical world

Her eyes made of jade and her heart built on steel

She bore through me until I could no longer resist… 26 more words

Daily Prompt

Need to Relax? Here are Some Songs for You

Today, my ears are confused all over the place.  I hear great music from Rock to Electronic.  Either way, here’s hoping you find a tune worth listening to and help you get you through the day. 369 more words


seba jun

i mean that from my heart,
because you make me feel good as a person


Samurai Champloo Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the highly acclaimed anime Samurai Champloo has been a favorite of mine to listen to for a very long time.

There are many relaxing songs here that can get you out of that stressful mind state that cause you to procrastinate while studying. 31 more words

Song Posts

Samurai Champloo - Remixed Results

Six years after the incredible Cowboy Bebop, Shinichiro Watanabe returned to television with his directorial follow up, Samurai Champloo. Music, along with Watanabe’s familiar thumbprint could easily be seen, making this a much watch for many fans, outside of Japan that is. 624 more words