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US Report: China's Nukes Getting Bigger and Better

A new congressional-funded report paints a dark picture of China’s nuclear weapons and missile modernization efforts. 759 more words

ISIS Will Take Over The Most Dangerous Muslim Nation On Earth And Take Its Nukes

November 24, 2014

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

This will come as a shock to those who have not been following these murdering psychotic inbred metastatic tumors from the get-go. 1,410 more words


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Iran "Talks"

What a joke this long, drawn-out negotiation with Iran regarding their nuclear program has been. These talks have been going on at least through two presidential administrations, and we are no farther along in preventing the Iranians from obtaining nukes than we were all those years ago. 66 more words


Interewebbed: Cyber and Crypto News for Nov 17

Happy Monday, kittens! It’s a slow start to the Cryptosphere this week, as we stayed up all weekend watching Anonymous do its thing, which it did massively, starting Friday: multiple posts on that coming soon, as well as an interview with the team behind Redhack, who liberated $670 billion YES BILLION in the name of the People. 261 more words


Iran's Letter to Obama: Thanks for the Nukes

Even though this letter is a spoof, all the points are true and have happened. I couldn’t resist posting it, not only to embarace all the liberals out there but also to highlight the extent of President Obama’s actions to torpedo Israel and the United States, not to mention those that love freedom and democracy. 11 more words

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Why can't we just fight Putin already?

So with the news media covering the World War I Nov. 11 armistice anniversary recently, it got me thinking: when can the youth of today have their own Great War to fight in? 1,030 more words