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Giant Wombat

Day 43: 1 December 2014, Monday.

I was awoken by the cawing of birds, the trees were fill of galahs!

Soon I was back on the road. 449 more words


The Roads

Day 42: 30 November 2014, Sunday.

I have realized I have neglected to mention the state of the roads in South Australia. While crossing the country on the Eyre Highway the road in Western Australia had a generous hard shoulder. 729 more words


Stormy, Stormy Night

Day 41: 29 November 2014, Saturday.

Wow, what a night. This morning at one thirty the wind changed direction and became super strong. I was awoken by my tent bending into me in the gale. 543 more words


It Gets Worse

Day 40: 28 November 2014, Friday.

During my time cycling across the Nullarbor one thing I had noticed was the erratic winds. They were coming from a different direction each day! 319 more words


The Hell Wind

Day 39: 27 November 2014, Thursday.

It was a strange start to the day. As I was brushing my teeth, stood beside my tent, a bloke pulled up in a car. 171 more words


From West To South

Day 38: 26 November 2014, Wednesday.

I left my room and proceeded to the camp kitchen to fill my water carriers as it would be a while before I would have another chance. 455 more words


What Goes Down Must Go Up?

Day 36: 24 November 2014, Monday.

It was nice to wake in a shady camping spot for once, in was pleasant in my little tent, not a furnace. 358 more words