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Wind Battle

Day 35: 23 November 2014, Sunday.

Sunday, the day of rest, not for me I am afraid.

I was packed and on the road by nine in the morning, which is an early start for me, and the wind was there again coming from the east straight into my face. 320 more words



Day 34: 22 November 2014, Saturday.

It was nice to wake not sweating, the camping at Madura was nicely shaded. First thing on the agenda for the day was to switch the rotation of my rear tyre. 280 more words


Taking A Plunge

Day 33: 21 November 2014, Friday.

It was an early morning, the tent heated up and I popped out like toast from a toaster. No shade makes for a hot morning. 291 more words


Somewhere In Time

Day 32: 20 November 2014, Thursday.

Today I went around corners!

It was another hot day, mid thirty’s and the wind was at an unfortunate angle, almost a headwind. 323 more words


Going Straight

Day 31: 19 November 2014, Wednesday.

The wind was still coming from the west as I arose, brilliant, a tail wind! I packed and then hit the road. 545 more words



Day 30: 18 November 2014, Tuesday.

It was a windy day. It was coming from the north-east which meant it was colliding with the front of my left shoulder. 1,184 more words


Burst Bladder

Day 29: 17 November 2014, Monday.

I was awake but unfortunately the flies were too. I disassembled my tent and packed my luggage in a rush as I was overwhelmed by the flies. 400 more words