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Day 3 - Location

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A little less green and lot more adventurous!

Location: Albany and Esperance

Month: December 2014

We have met some genuine and friendly true blue aussie travellers, lots of grey Nomads, welcoming locals, got used to short open air showers in the wildness, having constantly dusty and dirty feet and the dogs are lot more settled on the road and seem to be just going with the flow (I guess they really don’t have much choice!). 1,713 more words


Crossing the Nullarbor - Perth - Adelaide

I took my time on the drive from Perth to Adelaide.  A very fast trip is 2 days, a regular trip is around about 3 days and I took 4.5 days.  977 more words

Sunsets on the Nullarbor

The horizon seemed endless; twilight approaching


The sky and horizon became one

and danced across the fringe of the earth

The clouds


 Still lingered… 36 more words

Australia road trip part 1 - Perth to Adelaide

So it was time to begin our Australian road trip. Having hired a bargain car from the fantastically named “No Birds” ( https://www.bayswatercarrental.com.au ) in Perth we were starting our journey nice and easy with a few days down in the Margaret River wine region. 915 more words


Driving across Australia

i just did it…..about two months back.

In three and a half days, 3800 km from Perth to Sydney.

Here’s what happened -

I made a ridiculously low bid on eBay for a car in Perth, Western Australia, and won it. 258 more words

Giant Wombat

Day 43: 1 December 2014, Monday.

I was awoken by the cawing of birds, the trees were fill of galahs!

Soon I was back on the road. 449 more words