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I’m back… well, sort of. In RL (it does exist apparently) I’m laid up due to ill health temporary I hope, so am not at my residance. 742 more words



With the departure of TXG to better and greener pastures, this blog will lose a great writer and connoisseur of fine story telling.  And while the EVE blogosphere is better for it, his departure will force my remaining two readers to learn about my smaller adventures, little skirmishes and mishaps on my way through New Eden. 1,016 more words

EVE Online

Trading between Empire

  • Trading with Empire is key to profitability.

NullSec has ores and industries that HiSec does not, and vice versa.  Trade hubs like Jita, Amarr… 277 more words


A Sniff of Politics

  • Alliance is wardec’d, corporation retracts from Alliance, wardec is canceled.

WAR!  A hi-sec corporation declares war on the entire alliance Apocolypse Now, resulting in the entire… 291 more words



  • Mammoth Spodumain asteroid in a local ore field

In NullSec there are the traditional stable belts as with HiSec, however there are also frequent (almost permanent) ore fields which are similar to anomalies. 92 more words


Mittani Fan Found Sleeping At His Home

S-U8A4: A woman has been arrested in Syndicate after she was found sleeping in a bedroom inside quarters rented by Goonswarm Federation Supreme Leader The Mittani. 145 more words

Red Means Stop

  • Prepared to be escorted through backdoor gate system but an enemy Cruiser blockades us… mission postponed.

Finally the call came through that the HiSec operation was completed by my escort… 308 more words