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My drugged out scope of indifference

I have a prescription

To feel nothing.

I have a mind

That’s blind to reason.

I wake up with a mind that aches

It sits and hopes it all breaks, 98 more words


it hurts

Pain. What a weird concept. I will never know what it feels like for you to break your toe, and vice versa. To feel into another person’s body is something that us humans haven’t quite figured out yet. 435 more words


Pain? What Pain?

“Pain? What pain?” Some days I ask myself “Was it really that bad? Are you in that much pain?” I look around, give my heart a feel, and I have to say, I can’t really feel that much pain anymore. 131 more words


To many prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be very helpful most of the time.  Sometimes the side effects are worse than the actual aliment. Then there are prescriptions that do not help and sometimes are harmful.   435 more words

Child Abuse

Confines of Ice.

Welcome back to this frozen place,
Where love appears but never stays.
Confines of ice surround me here,
With prison walls so ghastly clear
That I can see beyond my chains, 24 more words


Filling a cavity

I had a cavity. Thankfully it just needed a filling. I was worries it was going to be worse.

When the dentist started numbing me I asked if I was going to be lopsided because if so I was definitely going to post that! 57 more words


The more you struggle,

the more you sink.

The more you sink,

the more you struggle.

And you keep struggling,
and you keep fighting,
and you keep squirming, 135 more words