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'Rising Above In A Time Of Dark Ages'

                      ‘Rising Above The Times Of Dark Ages’

 ‘A town…. so far away in the eyes of dust. The dust blinded the eyes of their future. … 316 more words

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I don’t remember how to love.

I don’t remember what it was like to love you.

All I can remember is the hate.

I genuinely feel dead inside. 32 more words


That’s about what I mostly feel right now. Trying to decide if my detachment practice is allowing me the freedom to think clearly or after months of being rather ecstatic at something that I found and then suddenly, it stopped. 359 more words





I live in Rapunzel’s tower

Listening to the demons

Gibbering and wailing below

But I am numb, and




I can smell blood… 82 more words


Not Having Access To The Poison

Not having access to the poison
Allowing for one to finally heal
A culture of insane excesses
Searching for something to feel
Been closed off for so long… 18 more words


i just want to feel ...

Texting drew Saturday night 4/12/14 at 9:05pm asking him if he wants to come to China Bar with me to drink and then go off on a wild ride in a creepy barn… 548 more words

so tired and content and succulent

joyfully detached. I watch my body.. lumber about in a meandering purpose less gait. Slumping here and there. loose and jellybodied and slack spined. and I see my mind, my thoughts, they come so slow and deliberate like real maple sap from the bark hole sweet and sticky and satisfying.   46 more words