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To many prescriptions?

Prescriptions can be very helpful most of the time.  Sometimes the side effects are worse than the actual aliment. Then there are prescriptions that do not help and sometimes are harmful.   435 more words

Child Abuse

Confines of Ice.

Welcome back to this frozen place,
Where love appears but never stays.
Confines of ice surround me here,
With prison walls so ghastly clear
That I can see beyond my chains, 24 more words


Filling a cavity

I had a cavity. Thankfully it just needed a filling. I was worries it was going to be worse.

When the dentist started numbing me I asked if I was going to be lopsided because if so I was definitely going to post that! 57 more words


The more you struggle,

the more you sink.

The more you sink,

the more you struggle.

And you keep struggling,
and you keep fighting,
and you keep squirming, 135 more words


Brick Walls

Last week I was looking through the old computer archives of my photos and I discovered this gem. I must have taken in early this year, in the spring. 202 more words

Love was Blind, Me Numb.

Times back, I met a beautiful lady aged around 60’s in my grandmother’s home. She wore a plain sari, had no vermilion on her forehead and even wore no bangles which indicated she was widowed. 544 more words



Intensity of feelings

“I hate feeling this way”
What way
“Fat and overwhelmed”

“We’ve let the house become a mess”
Blah, blah….did you see all the wood that I cut?! 504 more words