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Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Clearly I was in a mood on Friday but I called myself on it and pushed through. Then I went to the Vet on Saturday morning and got news I wasn’t expecting. 174 more words



I have not felt anything yet. The morning I found out I went with my mom to go shopping. We were gone most of the day and then as soon as we got home we went to the river. 568 more words


A kaleidoscope of color

It would take me generations to explain.

What a pity your circus is

When it suddenly decides to rain.

A statement of fact within a convoluted lie… 70 more words



#Original #TypewrittenPoetry



I stood in the shower
Until the water ran cold against my skin..
I stood there with this feeling.
One I’ve held so many times before. 303 more words


Untangling the Threads

Yesterday my sister and I spent a good hour and a half talking. It started off with some silence, some screaming and a lot of anger and ended up somewhere reasonable. 919 more words



Write. Write. Write. Write.

This is me urging myself to write right here. I have had a gazillion things zap past my mind in the past few days but somehow written words, they elude me. 390 more words