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Numb3rs: Monty Hall Problem

Charlie teaches his class “Math for Non-Mathematicians” the Monty Hall problem, where a game show contestant must decide whether to change their minds if given the option of 3 cards.


Numb3rs: Ultimatum Game

Charlie explains the Ultimatum Game to Nikki and why some people are willing to hurt themselves for revenge. When Nikki gives him $30 out of $100, she’s showing that concerns for equity lead people to act differently than what’s “optimal.”


Numb3rs: Prisoners Dilemma

Charlie explains the effects of the Prisoner’s Dilemma and how they can “trick” the prisoners into confessing the crime. It’s a little different than the traditional set-up, but still fun to watch. 7 more words


What The Numbers On Your Credit Card Indicate

Over the years, countless people have looked at 16-digit credit card numbers and said things like “Why do they need so many numbers? It’s not like there are 9.999 quadrillion bank accounts out there.” Well, that’s true. 417 more words

August 2014

The University of Texas at El Paso—Enrollment Services  Volume 1 Issue 1

Staff Profile

While this segment of the newsletter is intended to highlight one team member, we’ll kick-off the newsletter by profiling one team – the Enrollment Services Technology Group (ESTG). 891 more words

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