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What The Numbers On Your Credit Card Indicate

Over the years, countless people have looked at 16-digit credit card numbers and said things like “Why do they need so many numbers? It’s not like there are 9.999 quadrillion bank accounts out there.” Well, that’s true. 417 more words

August 2014

The University of Texas at El Paso—Enrollment Services  Volume 1 Issue 1

Staff Profile

While this segment of the newsletter is intended to highlight one team member, we’ll kick-off the newsletter by profiling one team – the Enrollment Services Technology Group (ESTG). 891 more words

About TouchPoints


Added on August 16, 2014

Each Other’s Back by OughtaKnowBetter
NCIS/Numb3rs, Adventure
63180 words
There’s a missing code, and a missing mathematician, and a missing agent. 93 more words


Eventual thread convergence

Speaking of the really bad science in teevee shows like Numb3rs, and speaking a long time ago about that really annoying book that Stephen Wolfram wrote, we are extremely amused… 30 more words