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Remove everything from a text except dot , text , number , space

I have this code below

 function title($str, $sep=' ')
            $res = strtolower($str);
            $res = preg_replace('/[^[:alnum:]]/', ' ', $res);
            $res = preg_replace('/[[:space:]]+/', $sep, $res);
            return trim($res, $sep);
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Simple Percentages of a Quantity

Right guys, let’s have a look at some simple percentages of a quantity before we move on to more complex questions.

Okay, by now you should realise that the word PERCENT means out of 100…and if you’ve been following our posts then you should be familiar with the idea of turning percentages into fractions out of 100 and maybe even simplifying them! 153 more words


Percentage of a Quantity

Morning guys,

Today we’re going to have a look at Percentages of a Quantity which should link in well with the previous post.

Okay, questions such as what is 50% of £350 you should quite simply be able to fly through…however, working out what 17% of £350 will be different! 101 more words



Morning folks,

Apologies for this post having taken a while…as you can imagine we’re all incredibly busy at the moment!

Right, let’s have a look at PERCENTAGES! 178 more words


345 is a Good Number...... Right?

Here’s an excerpt of the long conversation that I had with my pal, Jimmy, online. We were talking about my plans for the future

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Number Theory is concerned with the properties of numbers in general, and in particular integers.
As this is a huge issue we decided to divide it into smaller topics. 3,872 more words