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Counting Cows

8 Maids a-Milking: Cow-nting (counting) those cows!

Pardon me for appearing to slack off on this series. A rare headache on Friday turned into a head cold by Saturday, which is where I am today. 1,013 more words



If you think I’m like a sunray,
I hope you enjoy getting sunburnt.
If you think I’m a tidal wave,
I hope you won’t mind drowning. 26 more words

NBA's Most Interesting Stats

It’s almost Christmas, which is usually a great date to take the pulse of the NBA. With that being said, it’s a perfect opportunity to investigate some player and team statistics that may catch your eye and seem out of place. 723 more words


day 2 // christmas booktubeathon 2014

BookTubeAthon is a book marathon. It’s called “Booktube” because it started in “Booktube” (or Book Youtube). It was made by the lovely Ariel Bissett. It happens twice a year: The REAL BooktubeAthon – which happens in summer – and Christmas BooktubeAthon. 156 more words


Triple 5

Repeated numbers

message patterns around me

major life changes.


61 equals 28?

Make the equation in the picture above correct. To do so, you may freely move the digits around. You may not add other stuff such as plus signs, multiplication signs, and so on. 74 more words


The Blackboards

They looked at their blackboards, machine consoles, charts and notes covered with formulas. They had come further than ever before to mapping the edges of things, times, planets, and atoms. 69 more words