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Totting numbers


getting the figures right

accounting for other people

better get it right

every day I stack the figures

every day money goes in and out… 77 more words


What are we under today April 23rd in Play Whe ?

Last week Wednesday was the 16th. Here are the Play Whe numbers for that day.

  • Morning: 35
  • Mid-day: 19
  • Evening: 34
Play Whe

wayfinding love fest

As I am nervously anxiously excitedly preparing for my upcoming speaking engagement for the HOW Conference, I put together a map of the United States of all the cities I have been fortunate enough to visit with my… 380 more words


Feeding the Thousands, Numbers Awesomeness

Matthew 14:13-21

Matthew 14:32-39

All four Gospels mention at least the feeding of the five thousand, and the numbers agree! Why are these numbers significant? anything has to be important if it was remembered all those years after Jesus’s death when these were written. 113 more words

Paper Towel Writing

What is even better than paper towel art?  Paper towel learning!  Just write with markers on a paper towel.  Then use an eye dropper filled with water to “explode” the words into art. 63 more words



Tonight’s Theme: Saying and Writing Numbers and Money


  • We discussed how money looks in different countries
  • We named different U.S. coins (ex. penny, dime, nickel, quarter) and explained different ways to write their values (ex.
  • 56 more words

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