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Agridea – Wegleitung Suisse-Bilanz -

Die Suisse-Bilanz erlaubt:
(fakultativ; separat zu beziehen bei der AGRIDEA)

5  Formular zur Berechnung des Nährstoffbedarfs der Spezialkulturen… 383 more words


Daily Afternoon Chaos (40 Pictures)

1 2 Found this on my feed …. Wow 3 There’s this brand new 1.3 Million dollar car cruising the streets of my town. 4 5 From old fridge to patio ice chest 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Yet another [...]



The Value Chain is the food production process, starting from the very early stages of understanding consumer culture, behaviour and needs, and then continuing the innovation process from ideation to product conception, development and launch. 663 more words


The Numbers of Your Business

They Tell a Compelling Story

It is easy to understand why so many business owners struggle with recording and tracking the numbers of their business. After all – who wants to look at Profit & Loss (P&L) Statements, Balance Sheets and Statements of Cash Flows all the time…right? 399 more words

Small Business

Orders of Magnitude, Part 1: Money

Inspired by what a trillion dollars looks like, I decided it would be fun to investigate just how much varying amounts of money are. Using a 2014 Canadian Dollar as my baseline, I started from $0.000000001 and went up from there. 3,304 more words


Metal sheets as warning

The incense burners of these men who sinned and lost their lives are holy, because they were offered to the LORD. Hammer them into thin metal sheets to cover the altar.

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