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Emotional Numbness

That inability to feel much of anything.

Things that once use to make you feel happy or smile now produce a weak reponse or nothing. 67 more words

Numbness And Saddles Don't Have To Go Hand-In-Hand

Towards the end of last cycling season I had a major wipeout and ended up bending the rails of my saddle. It was beyond repair and you can only pedal on a slant for so long. 753 more words



Somedays I feel every emotion there ever was

Beating in my chest

Pumping in my veins.

Somedays I don’t feel anything at all.

The numbness closes in… 129 more words


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  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, that's what you do just swim, swim, swim... or else you'll sink. (talking2mymoon.wordpress.com) Why do I feel like sinking is the only option? I have this amazing amount of love from you and yet I want to sink to the bottom of the fucking sea?!? Maybe I haven’t had enough US lately. Maybe I have had too much US lately.
  • you are more important than you think. (asinnersolace.wordpress.com) Waves of bodies crash over the breaking point, ebbing and flowing until it’s a tsunami no one expect to gear up and rear like Medusa’s rage. You’re drowning, sinking slowly into sour oblivion under the disembodied limbs and tentacles flailing. Faces become a blur as you feel your own become nothing more than an erasure mark in your memory. You fall down, brought onto your knees and rendered almost into fetal position. Are you that unremarkable, that boring – that invisible? Shh. It’ll become quiet soon. Cover your eyes. Envelop yourself in darkness. Rock yourself into a comfort zone, rock back and forth until suddenly you’ve rolled yourself into somewhere warm, inviting – somewhere people will know your name and your face like a reflection.
  • Sink or Swim... (scarlettpoppies.wordpress.com) I have taken the plunge no more poetry forums to test my work out on.
  • Drown (ankitsharma88.wordpress.com) There’s a struggle to control my body, But I want to surrender to the death, This pool of cold water is my bed, Where I’ll sleep, never to wake up.
  • ~ Sink or Swim ~ (rajasinsight.com) There’s a struggle to control my body, But I want to surrender to the death, This pool of cold water is my bed, Where I’ll sleep, never to wake up.
  • Sink, Swim or Spill - Living with Depression and Anxiety (debshugg.wordpress.com) For most people, our body can only generate extreme chemical behaviour when the stimulus is present.   For a time thereafter as you ruminate about the stimulus your body might continue to respond accordingly, helping to keep you feeling sad.   Then, once you’ve stopped ruminating and only think occasionally about the stimulus event, you’ll only feel sad when you’re thinking about it. + As a community, we seem entrenched in the ideology that we can think and talk ourselves out of depression, anxiety and other psychological symptoms. Today’s psychology is generally based on debunked theorems that were fashioned well before the development of anti-biotics, the polio vaccine and ultrasound technology.  It was a time when smoking was not only fashionable, adults and children were encouraged to do it! + This is from some guy named Alan Watts:  “To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float.”
  • Burnt Jasmine (abookoflostthings.wordpress.com) At night in the split second between the flutter of her lashes on her thin cheeks and the dark pit of unconscious terror she could see the sweep of blue and crystal silk swimming around curried ankles to a pulsing rhythm then sigh and slip into sleep from which she would wake screaming an hour and a quarter later. + They danced over her flesh the same way she shivered into my chest and I still wanted to break every single little bird bone in her hand her metacarpal and middle phalanx and it had been years but I still rage quietly and then I sink into that quicksand guilt when she smiles and touches her fingernail to my jugular.
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Somewhere, near the
core of me,
I've gone numb.
You can carve me up
and I won't feel a thing;
now when I delve inside for pips
I come up 
empty-fingered. 51 more words

Shades of grey

It’s been an overcast weekend and my mood’s been similar – no storms, but not much sun either.

In fact I’m rather numb. Shut down. Far away. 59 more words

Mental Health

waves of my life , the 'surface' ....

hey dear all ,

today i write me here from a vacation spot …. all could be great … could ….      but in my experience i face challenges.  566 more words

Not Just the Baby Blues

It is hard enough for any mother to have a child and not lose her mind to a point, yet some of us completely crack. For the ones that crack it is hard to accept everything about being a mother, from the pregnancy itself, the birth, and finally the all-consuming responsibility of raising the child. 664 more words