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Things will be okay

I’ve been kind of a mess lately.  First I was extremely sad.  Then I was uncontrollably angry.  And then most recently, and currently, feeling numbness.  I’m not worried about myself when I feel sad or angry, but numbness is another thing because I felt like that during my first year of university and it was a scary experience.  397 more words

On Show...

On show…

September 18, 2013~Going through my saved thoughts and poems and I feel it’s time to share with the world.

Looking for a bit of distraction… 71 more words


My arms are always falling asleep! What can I do?

You wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. You just can’t get comfortable because your arms are so tingly and numb. 447 more words


Brighten Up My Blue

I used to think I’d never fall in love
I told myself it wasn’t worth the pain
So desperately I feared what was above
The numbness I hid under to stay sane… 142 more words


FATIGUE- a recovery day

 if you don’t NEED recovery days, then you probably do not understand the concept of recovery days…

this is an attempt to explain.

yesterday i was ME…i LOVED it…i performed music for a few hours. 242 more words

Me And My Defects


I sit. In the silence. Looking out the window. Watching the rain fall. Sipping my coffee. Seeing the cars and the people pass by. Minute by minute. 125 more words