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Denial, numbness, and shock

In my research on grief, I’ve stumbled across information on five stages. The stages are not sequential, meaning, we don’t experience them in any particular order. 2,520 more words


The Couch of Convenience - a story

A man went into a furniture store to buy a new couch.

“Which one would you like?”, asked the saleswoman.
His eyes fell upon a shiny leather couch in the corner of the store. 519 more words

The other leg was jealous?

Since the beginning of my MS journey, I’ve always had trouble with my left leg.  I periodically “lose” it (it just goes numb and seems to disappear), or I get pins and needles, or (my favorite!) I get burning pain that can impact my toes, my leg, my hip, and sometimes all of it. 505 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

do you need RECOVERY days?

if you don’t NEED recovery days, then you probably do not understand the concept of recovery days…

this is an attempt to explain.

yesterday i was ME…i LOVED it…i performed music for a few hours. 238 more words

Me And My Defects


July 2013, My work day was over, and I could barely walk the 30 feet to my car.  I was limping and had severe pain in the Thoracic area of my spine.  876 more words

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Cold Reminder

The air is chilling with slowing currents
leaves are dying and circling to earth
hues of all kinds and the crunch beneath
remind me too well of what’s coming. 112 more words