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Something between numbness and freaking out

I have no idea of what’s going on in my mind. It’s beyond every other mess I’ve been through. It’s new, it feels stronger and it terrifies me. 685 more words



Have you ever hated someone so much that you cant even stand to see their face or hear their name. That is how I feel with my dads wife. 142 more words

What Is Nerve Entrapment and How Can It Be Treated?

Have you ever felt an uncomfortable tingling sensation in your arm after performing the same motion for an extended period of time? Maybe it was after spending a day typing at your computer or raking leaves. 521 more words

My Post


Just when I thought things were getting better for me, my family comes and proves me wrong. My father made me quit my job. I seem to be doing worse in school. 190 more words

The Inert Predicament

The head feels like a thumping bass that is out of sync with the rhythm of the universe.
The heart feels like ’tis been buried in the north pole, numb and cold and frozen infinitely in blue snow .


Day 15 - Paradox

I get home late on Tuesday Night. Last Night. It marks the end of Day 14. I haven’t done NoFap for this long for months. Every day has been a struggle to keep thoughts of watching pornography out of my mind. 466 more words

Journal Entries

The Truth. Only With An Expiry Date.

And so I sit here, blogging about someone who so clearly doesn’t give a fuck instead of preparing for my exams. People tell me not to cry over someone who wouldn’t wipe off my tears if they were here but that is simply a failed try to get me to call it a day. 676 more words