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Dreams of a falling pilot

colors around me never change
the patterns never seem to end
the taste in my mouth thickens
time is flowing through me like a waterfall… 179 more words


having Chiari is like having a barometer in your brain...

having Chiari is like having a barometer in your brain…

NOT the catchiest blog title i have written.

not the best discovery i have ever made either…. 312 more words

Me And My Defects

on autumn and brueggemann

I’m curled up in the rich Autumn sunlight, looking at the last of the yellow leaves on the tree outside the window. I just noticed these leaves – lingering when all the others have fallen. 1,132 more words

It Happened

I can’t stop going back to the night before Doom’s Day. We were with Special-K we had about 20 minutes left of our session. It was so comfortable sitting in a small, warm, safe place but most of all we had hope. 448 more words

The end with K.

Since I’m currently avoiding the topic of J. Let’s talk about K.  Let’s just get him done and over with because I’m over it. Truly, I’m just sick of him. 885 more words

Goodbye, love.

I don’t even want to write. I don’t know why, but since I talked with J last night, I’ve been wanting to act like it didn’t happen. 416 more words


This week I’ve had the flu. Seeing as I’ve been housebound, engaging in very little interaction with other humans, I kind of (purposely) forgot to take the medication I’m prescribed for my anxiety and tremendous mood-swings. 404 more words