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Cold Reminder

The air is chilling with slowing currents
leaves are dying and circling to earth
hues of all kinds and the crunch beneath
remind me too well of what’s coming. 112 more words



We’re in bubble trouble. I’ve seen people not even looking up from their bubbles to see what’s in front of them. They’re going to crash into something. 123 more words



I’m terrified that I’m going to wake up in the morning, maybe tomorrow, maybe in 10 years, maybe the day I die, and realize that I should’ve settled. 189 more words


Diary Entry:I fogot the number...

Dear diary,
yeah,its been 3 months. I missed you too. I’m writing,which means I’m back in hostel. And I don’t wanna add anymore tonight. No,there’s so much to say but I’m too numb to actually care. 19 more words

Diary Entry

Going numb is sometimes needed

Going numb is sometimes needed
but do not forget to reawaken the heart
or else it will slumber on
© Crystal Chan


I prefer silence, the reason why I have given up weaving words. But the more I succumb to silence, the more my thoughts are running wild like a million wild horses running without clear directions. 224 more words

Creative Writing

two days HARD work...

two very physical days!

yesterday i did


backed the kids books for school.


i did this

picked and framed the last 2 and a half years in pictures… 38 more words