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words again

This past season has not been one of words.

I have had thoughts and questions and deep feelings of dissonance, but no words to describe or make sense of any of it. 425 more words

Daily Life

NaBloPoMo- 12/17/2014

Do you believe you need to know sadness in order to appreciate happiness?

When I was in my 30’s I was driving with my husband and turned and said “what a beautiful yellow rhododendron!”, he turned to me and said nastily “no, that was an orange rhododendron!”  The rest of the ride was spent in silence with me thinking that perhaps 15 years had not been spent in me being naggy, ornery or obnoxious.  536 more words


F.R.A.G.M.E.N.T.E.D by dani.love


Part of me is with you

You who I’ve opened up to

You who I’ve let in

You who I’ve shared experiences with

And thought that it was true… 139 more words


Running for her life

I have a new hero.

Living in the MS community, I encounter a lot of heroic people. They deal with the volatility of their shared condition with courage and grace beyond what most of us can muster up. 537 more words


Blackened corridor

Some nights she wakes to the cold sweats of dementia.

Petrified of present surroundings; where is she?

The sweat dribbles down her neck in the essence of solitude. 94 more words


Scarcely Breathing

I walk with friends

and yet

I walk alone.

I want to talk

but words

burst into silence.

I draw toward

each sweet… 22 more words



just nothing
like clay
like water
so meaninglessly oblivious
so painlessly numb

I look
but I don’t see
I listen
but I never hear… 268 more words