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The number information in italics is for the current month’s universal forecast. To find your own personal month: add your month and day of birth and the current month and year together like in the example below. 552 more words

Time has come to start living my dream of walking the spiritual path.



Poem: The Rule of Forty-Two

“The Rule of Forty-Two”

The built-ins offered solace
That wistful Sunday morning.
And the wife hadn’t yet come to.
The sunrise-sparkled glassware
And the new day promised chances… 83 more words


Fall Of Wickets [Advanced] Ebook Releases Today!

When the first wicket falls during the first batting of any cricket match, the details of the out batsman hints at – which team will win that match! 124 more words


Numerology August 2014

Numerology Calculation: August (8th month) 2014 = 8+2+1+4 = 15 – 1+5 = 6.

Metaphysical keywords: Courage, Strength, Enlightenment.

Workshop it! Use these keywords to make a short three sentence… 300 more words


Many False Alarms

Many false alarms have been raised by the end of world mongers to control others. People given many false dates so mislead people on exact date, time and year.They are religiously fixated on numerology to work out God’s mind with time-table agenda of their own end time dates and miscalculations. 631 more words