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A nice unit testing style

I was once shown a nicer way of writing unit tests that at first seems wasteful and tedious, but results in locating with precision which part of your code is failing fast. 942 more words


Tools for Agile Development (1)


Agile practices are mostly about adaptation, flexibility, efficiency and manageable  time -boxed progress. There are many tools that help engineers and developers adopt these practices and make them part of everyday development routines. 721 more words


Curious case of handling exception with Unit Testing - NUnit

In continuation to my previous post, we will explore how to handle the exceptions with NUnit. We will also uncover some of the interesting aspects during this. 287 more words


NUnit - Simple example Roy Osherove way

In this post we will see an NUnit implementation example for a Calculator Class. We have written a very simple method to add two integers using the method name add(..). 223 more words