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Why Nunit and Selenium

1) I am using Selenium since i had to write functional , black box testing of our web application. But why am i using Nunit ? 145 more words

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How To Unit Test A LINQPad Code Snippet

Writing code is a programmers life; sometimes it becomes necessary to write pieces of code that you can conveniently run and evaluate without spinning up a full fledged IDE. 194 more words


Name that test

I use ApprovalTests a lot. Sometimes it’s nice to see what test has failed when the WinMerge window pops up during a test run, so I like to put the name of the test into the text being verified. 254 more words


Survival tips for living with MSTest

MSTest has for a long time had a reputation for being inferior to NUnit, MBUnit and XUnit.

Here are a couple of other posts that explain why: 588 more words

Wrapping up NUnit GUI for OSX

There don’t seem to be many NUnit test runners that will monitor your project and automatically re-run your tests whenever your assembly changes on OSX.  After some looking around I settled on using the plain nunit.exe that comes with NUnit itself.   166 more words