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What I bought today #2

I have pulled a muscle. Not so much pulled as stretched the living fibres out of it. It’s somewhere along my shoulder or my neck and also the back of my head. 832 more words

The Price of Painkillers Part 2: Only Misleading in Australia

Yesterday, I wrote about how various painkillers with the same active ingredients often cost different amounts. In particular I talked about Reckitt Benckiser’s “Nurofen” ibuprofen products, some of which are advertised as targeting specific types of pain even though it doesn’t seem plausible, given that they are essentially exactly the same, that they could target different types or sources of pain. 975 more words

New Zealand

The Price of Painkillers

DISCLAIMER: Since I mention some specific branded pharmaceutical products in this article, I want to make it very clear that I don’t intend to promote any particular product and have no conflict of interests to declare. 1,144 more words

New Zealand

fever phobia

Oliver has been quite unwell these last few days, with a high fever, chesty cough and some very impressive projectile vomits. He has turned the corner now and is just tired, a bit grumpy and quite snotty. 1,205 more words

Down Syndrome