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That's Joe

That’s Joe

There once was a slug called Joe

Who wished he were fast, not slow

Until one day, while alone

He saw a snail struggling, carrying its home…

14 more words

What's In A Rhyme?

I over analyze nursery rhymes

like a detective at the scene of crimes

I sometimes wonder why Jack and Jill

Really went up that grassy hill… 229 more words


Great news followed by sad, part 2

Right from the moment I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant I decided I wanted to be a hands on dad I didn’t want to be a dad that couldn’t change a nappy or make up a bottle at 2am I wanted to do everything. 258 more words


Poets and Education

From the time we learned our first Dr Seuss rhyme we were being educated by poets.  Nursery rhymes and fairy tales are used to teach morals and ethics to children.   152 more words


'The Wrong One' - A 50 Word Story

As usual, a great set of prompts this week from ‘Inspiration Monday’. This week, as an extra challenge, Stephanie has suggested we might try writing our story in just 50 words, so here goes. 65 more words

Flash Fiction

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny’s feet,
Go hop, hop, hop.
While his big pink ears,
Go flop, flop, flop.
He is rushing on his way, 26 more words


Why I Am A Poet or Pop! Goes The Weasel

I was recently on a panel where I was asked the usual question–how did you become a poet? The unvarnished truth is, I have no idea. 224 more words