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How CEUs can assist in Your Medical Administrator Job

What are CEUs?

At the starting, CEUs means Continuing Education Units. These are the involvement of a professional course. The main objective is to improve the skills of the service holders; they can stand in their professional career. 400 more words


"Dirty Nurse/Clean Nurse"--Infection/Infection Control--Nursing Skills


As the health professional that spend the most amount of time with the patient, we nurses have the privileged position offering care that is theoretically informed and compassionately delivered whilst remaining a patient advocate above all else. 462 more words

Nursing Education

Quick, simple blood test for solid cancers looks feasible

The idea of a general, quick and simple blood test for a diverse range of cancers just came closer to reality with news of a new study published in Nature Medicine. 1,391 more words

Barbara Sosiak, MSN, RN

Culture and Grief

As human beings, we are molded by a rich interplay between physical, psychological, sociological, behavioural and cultural experience. The impact of culture upon individual experience is of specific interest to nurses as societies become increasingly multicultural. 165 more words


Simulation: An Intrinsic Element in Nursing Education

Technology plays a momentous role in every profession. It has crossed all the dimensions of healthcare field too. There is an obvious advancement in the technologies used in hospital settings as well as education settings. 777 more words

History of Nursing Education


PAST: Intuitive Period

International and Local

Care of the sick during the early civilizations was carried out through either of the following: magical thinking, superstitious rituals and religious beliefs. 1,656 more words

Patient Safety = Nurses

File this one under the “duh” heading.  A study out of Europe has found that patients do better with more educated nurses and lower nurse-patient ratios.   429 more words