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7 Things That Nursing Mom Over There Wants You To Know

In (belated) honor of World Breastfeeding week and National Breastfeeding Month, I’d like to give you all an insider’s look inside the head of a mom who nurses in public. 1,103 more words


For the Nursing Moms and the "Friend" Who Reported My National Breastfeeding Month Photos

It’s National Breastfeeding Month! It is time to celebrate breastfeeding, promote it’s benefits and instill confidence in the women who want to breastfeed their babies. Did you celebrate by making your profile picture a breastfeeding photo? 1,451 more words


Not For Wimps

**The following post is not an attack on those who have chosen, for whatever reason, whether by necessity or choice, not to breastfeed.  Certainly we moms are hard enough on ourselves without having someone criticize what we feed our children.** 1,599 more words



“Are you nursing?” I get asked by older women quite a bit. And when I say yes, they are eager to tell me about their experiences nursing and pumping and how much they loved it. 1,126 more words



I was going to write a post about nursing in public.  About how maybe the stories that make the news of women being harassed are actually only a small sample of what happens when women breastfeed in public.   525 more words

50 More Things That Are More Offensive Than Nursing In Public

August 1-7 marked World Breastfeeding Week and there were numerous articles that shared a variety of viewpoints about breastfeeding. As a 13 year Stay At Home Dad of six… 1,605 more words


The Lancaster Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project.

One of my favorite birth photographers announced that she was starting a breastfeeding project to celebrate world breastfeeding week. When she asked if other photographers would be interested in joining her, I had no hesitation. 129 more words

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