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Another One Bites the Dust

I’ve always wondered why people get upset over a woman breastfeeding.

Before kids, I never had a feeling one way or the other. I was never ‘Pro-Cover’ or ‘Anti-Cover’. 368 more words


Breastfeeding in Public

For those interested in the topic of breastfeeding in public, as a supporter, nursing mother, person who does not know much about it, or those against it, please read on. 755 more words


Monday Meme

Breast feeding is SUCH a controversial issue. My personal feelings are for each woman / family to do whatever works best for them! I did nurse my daughter for about 8 months but we also bottle and formula fed her at least once day when she was with my husband while I worked. 51 more words


Let's Talk About Nursing in Public

There is a lot of discussion about nursing in public. It even has a short form NIP. Which some may say it’s cute and makes them think nipples. 618 more words