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Another One Bites the Dust

I’ve always wondered why people get upset over a woman breastfeeding.

Before kids, I never had a feeling one way or the other. I was never ‘Pro-Cover’ or ‘Anti-Cover’. 368 more words


Breastfeeding in Public

You may be sitting down in a restaurant, eating a nice meal, when you hear a baby start to fuss and cry. You may look over, and just happen to catch the mother raising the child to her chest to feed the crying baby. 957 more words


Monday Meme

Breast feeding is SUCH a controversial issue. My personal feelings are for each woman / family to do whatever works best for them! I did nurse my daughter for about 8 months but we also bottle and formula fed her at least once day when she was with my husband while I worked. 51 more words


Let's Talk About Nursing in Public

There is a lot of discussion about nursing in public. It even has a short form NIP. Which some may say it’s cute and makes them think nipples. 618 more words