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Nursing School

Hey bloggers,

I’m studying nursing. It’s quite intense but I’m enjoying it. It moves pretty fast and we have a lot to learn and practice even for freshman like me. 97 more words

those big thangs i was talking about...

Last week I mentioned I had some big things going on right now.  Those things include:

1.  Signing a lease.

2.  Interviewing for jobs.

3.  Applying to the NC Board of Nursing to take my NCLEX. 164 more words

From darkness, to light.

Holy moley, once again it is already spring quarter and I haven’t blogged in a million years. Thank you nursing school! I thought this weekend would be a good time for something new, as there has been a lot going on lately! 895 more words

Teaching and Learning

I came across a problem during my clinical that I hadn’t run into previously. I came across a nurse that I actually did not like. Without getting into the story, I just felt like she wasn’t appreciative of the entire situation nor liked me.  349 more words

Nursing School

Day 9

So I have realized that I am doing absolutely horrible at this whole, let’s try to get a 30 day challenge in before I start my 365…. 384 more words

Functional assessment in the elder population

As you probably picked up from this blog, even though I already have my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to go into nursing after I graduated. I just started nursing school in January ’14 and boy has it been a ride! 258 more words

Nursing School

Missing caffeine!!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been very careful to avoid all of the no-no foods/drinks. Now, I never was much of an alcohol person so not drinking alcohol has only been mildly missed– I only seem to want a nice cold beer because I… 352 more words