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Let's Play a Guessing Game!

I have an exciting blog entry that will be posted by Monday, and I am going to give you a couple hints about the post. 64 more words

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What Regulate The Pulse?

What Regulate The Pulse?
The SN node is being stimulated by the autonomic nervous system.
Sinoatrial Node, AKA: SA node, AKA: The Pacemaker of the heart) 160 more words

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Before you decide to become a nurse...

5 Things you need to know about nursing BEFORE you decide to become one:

1. Nursing is NOT for everyone. Before you decide you want to become a nurse, I suggest volunteering at a hospital to really see what a nurse really does. 563 more words

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New Semester and New Instructors

Can I just go ahead and say I’m terrified? Because I am. The semester is starting out with completely new faculty which can already be a bit scary and now we’re adding instructors who either change dates and chapters on the calendar or ones who take forever to send out two weeks of the calendar.  544 more words

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On the first two days of class

Wow! So, I meant to post an update last night after my *~* first day of class *~* but I was so, SO exhausted and I took the opportunity to go hang out with my mom and Finn in the little time I didn’t spend reading. 459 more words


Day 8: 5 Goals I have at the Moment

1. To graduate nursing school and earn my AA of RN 

2. To pay off all my credit cards and car

3. Move into my own apartment… 23 more words