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Signs of Support for IFalls Nurses Line the Streets

Imagine everyone in your town wanting to let you know you are awesome. MNA nurses in International Falls don’t have to dream.

Eight months into negotiating a contract with management at Rainy Lake Medical Center (RLMC), the 27-member bargaining unit is literally seeing signs of support throughout this picturesque city that shares a border with Canada. 436 more words


Embracing Change: 45 years, same hospital, same floor, same commitment

For almost 46 years, Oakwood nursing assistant Betty Colburn has seen everything from the addition of entire hospital wings to the acquisition of regional hospitals—all from the same floor of the same hospital on Oakwood Boulevard. 302 more words

Compassionate Care


I had fully intended on keeping the blog updated while I was on vacation but we ended up being entirely way too busy.  The good news is, I have a bunch of new ideas and recipes to post in the upcoming weeks! 564 more words

Weight Loss

Nursing Tip of the Day! - Maternal Neonatal Nursing

Category: Maternal Neonatal Nursing
Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) develops during two phases of growth: (1) during the division of the truncus arteriosus by the septum in the 3rd-4th week of gestation and (2) during the division of the ventricles between the 4th-8th weeks of gestation. 14 more words


My Little Secret- Shhhhh

So I announced on Facebook that I’d be sharing a secret of mine on the blog today. Most wouldn’t find it that intriguing or exciting but as it’s a weight busting my shoulders to pieces, I thought I’d share. 229 more words

Nursing School: Clinicals, Simulation Day, and Neurology.

Whew, what a week! I’m already exhausted, even though it’s only Wednesday! Where shall I begin? Well, if y’all didn’t know, my clinical days fall on a Monday this semester, which generally means I’m in the hospital by Sunday to pick out my patients and do the usual preclinical write-up (Demographics, pathophysiology maps of admitting diagnoses, looking up his/her medications, and writing what I would be assessing for these particular patients). 518 more words


Jade: Life as a new student

I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I think that having to care for a member of my family from a young age set me up to head into the caring profession, but it was well and truly sealed for me when I was taken care of by some amazing nurses while I was pregnant with my daughter. 535 more words

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