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Some neuromuscular blockers can lower blood pressure through: (1) release of histamine from mast cells and (2) partial blockade of nicotinic receptors in autonomic ganglia. 21 more words




Condition that occurs when skin tissues are exposed to temperatures cold enough to cause them to freeze.

Frostbite occurs when the skin and body tissue just underneath it freezes. 367 more words



Chronic skin disease that results in patchy loss of skin pigment

Vitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. The extent and rate of color loss from vitiligo is unpredictable. 201 more words

Pitt State to offer doctoral program in nursing

PITTSBURG, Kansas (AP) – Pittsburg State University has won approval to start offering a doctorate degree in nursing.

Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing asked the Kansas Board of Regents to transition the current master’s level advanced practice nursing program into the doctoral program. 81 more words


Guest blog: The use of social media in health and social care

Leslie Gelling is a Reader in Nursing in the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Education. Here, he gives his views on the hot topic of social media. 826 more words

Anglia Ruskin

Chapter #3 Part 7: ABG Analysis

Assalamu`alaikum and greetings to all…

An arterial blood gas (ABG) test measures the acidity (pH) and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood from an artery. 216 more words

Hey, It's Me!

Love-Hate-Apathy Relationship

He asks for a fresh gown and pants, but he doesn’t really ask as much as imply I should have already offered. I am rushed. I have other patients to see. 739 more words