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The Extraordinary Life Of A Flight Paramedic In The Canadian Arctic

Thanks to @nutmeig on Twitter for alerting me to this brilliant article and photography of Northern PHARM! 8 more words


When Hope Is Lost: Part 2

In the Part 1, we loaded our backpack of hope with a various nursing interventions. In Part 2, we focus on bringing hope to our patients through spiritual care for both Christians and non-Christians. 124 more words

Christian Nursing 101

Big tatas for Breastfeeding

Yesterday, The Leaky B@@b posted an article on Facebook about a mother who was too embarrassed of her large bust to nurse her baby, especially in public. 181 more words


Movies, Myths, Mistakes

The Cairns Post, 14th August 2003:

As if schizophrenia isn’t enough of a burden to those who have it, they also have to put up with the myths and misunderstandings that accompany it, and the discrimination that follows. 638 more words


Humanity to Man

The Cairns Post, 29th March 2003:

Man’s inhumanity towards man has been getting plenty of coverage lately – it might be time a good time to be reminded of men who demonstrate humanity. 542 more words


Bionic Leg

I had the rod put in from my hip to my knee. It has sucked and I’m still on a walker. It appears I had two fractures as a result from the radiation weakening my femur; one was right at the hip and it is a good thing it was caught. 424 more words


Nursing-My Passion

My mom tells me how when I was younger everyone said they knew I would become a nurse. I didn’t know this until my junior year in high school. 251 more words