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Dear nursing student

Today is almost the end of a continous chapter. Look back to see how far you came, not how much further you have to go? Can you imagine all the knowledge you have gained in so little time, and you continue to proceed forward. 159 more words

Life is a revolving circle

I often wonder the ways in which life itself work out, it’s almost like it does a complete 360. I watched in the waiting room of an elderly lady presuming the middle aged man’s mother as he assisted her while she walked and seemed to be taking good care of her. 156 more words


Spreading the Light of CranioBalance

This week at our monthly CranioBalance  Study Group at The Cranial Health Institute in Maaleh Adumim, I was reminded how much I love this work and how important it is to get this beautiful healing system out into the world. 1,072 more words

Cranio Balance

The back story and diagnosis

When I was a teenager I felt lumps in my boobs. That’s not crazy right? Crazy teenager lumpy breast syndrome. At this point I knew of a family history, my paternal grandmother had breast cancer in her 20s and passed away at 32. 517 more words

Breast Cancer

Nursing jobs full of hazard

Karen Johnson was seven months pregnant and working as a nurse when a patient punched her in the stomach. The blow had enough force to send Johnson into premature labour, but it wasn’t her only experience with abuse on the job. 783 more words


The Daily Mail's xenophobia against overseas nurses

Thanks to Tim Fenton for (a) pointing out the Daily Mail stoking bigotry against nurses who come from overseas to work in the NHS and (b) providing a link I could use that won’t boost their online advertising. 831 more words