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Benzodiazepines such as lorazepam (Ativan), Diprivan (propofol), and Versed (midazolam) are used for conscious sedation and pre-operative sedation to reduce anxiety and awareness in patients undergoing diagnostic or surgical procedures. 16 more words



A.  A 12-lead ECG is the standard test for identifying cardiac arrhythmias.

B.  Laboratory testing may reveal electrolyte abnormalities, hypoxemia or acid-base abnormalities, or drug toxicities as the cause of arrhythmias. 33 more words

Conversations with Patients

“You know, it used to be a lot bigger. People always used to say it was really big. Now it’s so tiny, I can barely find it. 44 more words


Starting IVs is one of the really fun parts of my job. When I first met my girlfriend, my first thought was “Wow, she’s gorgeous.” Second was, “And she’s got great veins!” 32 more words

Do you remember the show Rescue 911?

When I was much younger I watched the show Rescue 911. Hosted by William Shatner, the show reenacted real-life emergencies and spliced in interviews from people who were present when the aforementioned emergencies occurred. 314 more words


Prayers for Your Children (and Grandchildren!)

One of my favorite ways to help new moms get off to a great start praying for their children is to create a roll of index cards that feature one verse from scripture they can pray for their child every day.   4,333 more words

ICU Nurses Aren't Actually Evil Bitches

Misconceptions About ICU Nurses

Every area of nursing comes with “inside information” that we want to tell you, or your loved one, as our patients. There is the standard, “we really do care and want to help,” and “we actually hate missing IVs on the first stick.” But working in ICU nursing is a whole different beast, with its own set of unspoken truths and confessions that we sometimes wish we had the time to, or COULD just tell you. 1,732 more words