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Celebrity Death Match: Nursing Edition

(Originally published 2006)

Welcome, ladies and gents, to the first ever Celebrity Deathmatch: Nursing Edition. Okay, so neither contestant is a celebrity, and only of them is a nurse…but why be bothered with trivial details when today’s match promises to be a harrowing, nail-biting experience. 982 more words

Butter Chickpeas - An Outie family favourite and nursing-friendly curry

I seem to get a lot done in a day and yet I still experience ‘mum fail’ at dinner time most days because I have been too wrapped up in creative projects to remember to get the dinner ready. 355 more words

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Working as a nurse aid

I completed my last day of working full time at my nursing home Friday. Working over 40 hours a week at a job 45 minutes away was taking a toll on nearly every aspect of my life. 575 more words

Surviving Nursing School: Your First Patient

(Previously published, May 2009)

After mountains of prerequisites and enduring a waiting period of two-years because every other Tom, Dick, and Harry want to be nurses, you finally got into nursing school. 1,171 more words

Signs of Support for IFalls Nurses Line the Streets

Imagine everyone in your town wanting to let you know you are awesome. MNA nurses in International Falls don’t have to dream.

Eight months into negotiating a contract with management at Rainy Lake Medical Center (RLMC), the 27-member bargaining unit is literally seeing signs of support throughout this picturesque city that shares a border with Canada. 436 more words


Embracing Change: 45 years, same hospital, same floor, same commitment

For almost 46 years, Oakwood nursing assistant Betty Colburn has seen everything from the addition of entire hospital wings to the acquisition of regional hospitals—all from the same floor of the same hospital on Oakwood Boulevard. 302 more words

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