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A tummy full of second helpings.

josephine was tossing and turning in her pack n play tonight while i was climbing a mountain of laundry. i would say conquering it, but it is so high, first i must climb it to conquer it. 341 more words

Chapter fourteen: my world

I know I want to make a difference to the world but does that come to cost my world? I believe there are two types of people in this world; people who want to change the world to make a massive difference for generations to come, and there are people who prefer to make a difference much closer to home, your own world as it were. 166 more words


breastfeeding, my journey

i know i briefly touched on breastfeeding in my 1 yo update but i thought i should give a little more to this topic. i know its become such a hot topic in the mom community; breast or bottle and such a stir in public spaces if a mom does choose to feed in public that i just had to jot down some of my personal thoughts and answers to some of the questions i got asked a lot. 638 more words


Expanding The Nurse's Role

A wonderful article written in the the MedCity News speaks about how new research can help meet the needs of individuals with chronic illness. This research stated that expanding the role of nurses monitoring health and adjusting medications for individuals with chronic disease can not only help lesson the load for primary care doctors but also help increase care and the health of many patients with reoccuring conditions whose medication and course of care fluctuates on a monthly basis. 259 more words

Home Care

A great night at work

All my patients were alert, oriented, and pleasant. A rare night indeed! I even got a thank you card from a former patient. Nights like this make me love my job.

Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

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Some drugs undergo such extensive presystemic metabolism that the amount of drug required to achieve a therapeutic effect is much greater than that required for the same drug administered intravenously. 13 more words


The cow is dead

Talk about milking the cow ! I’m officially done nursing !

Ok ok,.. I’m still waiting for my boobs and body to get the memo but I’m done! 491 more words