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Happy Friday everyone!

This morning I got off work late because there was a tiny emergency. One of my patients had to be sent back down to the ICU. 317 more words

❤ Life ❤

Visiting an aunt in Oregon with my mom is not my ideal vacation locale nor travel buddy, but it’s a nice getaway from the regular humdrum of Chicago-living. 69 more words

The World At Large

Critical Thinking

I’m so frustrated with the nurses at my workplace…I feel that they don’t have any critical thinking skills…AT ALL. As licensed nurses, they are expected to perform assessments, document, administer meds, and ASSESSMENTS. 108 more words


What I did today...

I am often asked what it is that I do, and I find this question really difficult to answer. I guess my main responsibility is to look after the kids when they are sick, but I don’t usually spend much time at all doing this. 663 more words


The One About Breastfeeding (Or, Please Stop Biting Me How Can Two Teeth Hurt That Damn Much)

This week has put me through the wringer. Both Ryan and I are still working our extreme exhaustion back to a more manageable everyday level, and the punches don’t stop coming. 549 more words


The Wonderful Land of Lactopia: A girl can dream, right?

Pretend we all live in a place called Lactopia, a wonderful land where everyone and every place was breastfeeding/mom friendly.

Okay, now snap back to reality…where people judge you for breastfeeding past the age of social norm, where people gawk and make rude comments as you’re feeding your child in public…I know I’m not alone! 541 more words


The Stethoscope Chooses the Nurse

I had my first official nursing school event today — Clinical Orientation.  It was a couple hours of different speakers sort of telling us what to expect out of simulations and our clinical rotations at hospitals — what we needed to buy to be prepared and what we needed to do to meet hospital requirements. 690 more words