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A Pulsar in M82

Astronomers have found a pulsating, dead star beaming with the energy of about 10 million greater than the Sun. A pulsar is a dense stellar remnant left over from a supernova explosion, and this one is the brightest pulsar ever recorded. 47 more words


Researchers Just Discovered The Brightest Dead Star Ever Found

Astronomers using NASA’s NuSTAR telescope array have found something beautiful about 12 million light-years from our planet Earth: The brightest dead star, or pulsar, ever found. 110 more words

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Powerful, Pulsating Core of Star

NASA – The blue dot in this image marks the spot of an energetic pulsar — the magnetic, spinning core of star that blew up in a supernova explosion. 146 more words

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“The Hand Of God” Was Just Spotted By a Nasa Telescope In All Its Glory

Science and religion rarely blend together in our modern society, however NASA released a very interesting photo they titled “The Hand of God”.

The photo was produced when a star exploded and ejected an enormous cloud of material, which NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, glimpsed in high-energy X-rays, shown in blue in the photo. 6 more words

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