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The Peanut Butter Challenge: To Help Strike Out The Allergic Reaction To Nuts

Here’s some facts to help educate you on this horrible allergy:

  • Over 3 million people suffer from being allergic to some sort of nut. While the rest of the world gets to enjoy trail mix, PB & Js, Reese’s, nutella, and other delicious foods from nuts.
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8 things you didn't know about acorns

“Are acorns nuts?” my roommate asked out of the blue.

The science nerd in me struggled to remember the botanical definition of a nut.

Being a normal human being, my roommate was interested in more practical matters; “If kids are bringing them into a nut-free daycare, will kids with nut allergies react to them?” 1,044 more words

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Food Allergies and the Transition to University Life

If you have a food allergy, the transition to university can be a pretty daunting experience. In high school, you were likely surrounded by people who had known you well for many years and teachers who knew your name. 708 more words

Eating And Drinking With Allergies

Allergies in Film and Television Part 3: Translation to the Real World

To add to the “Allergies in Film and Television: Myths versus Realities” series, I’ve decided to write a follow-up post describing some of the impacts these depictions have in the real world and how we, as informed adults, can change this. 511 more words


Always Packing: Carrying Your Auto-Injector  

It all started with a fanny-pack. It was a bright blue, yellow zippered, Tigger-themed fanny-pack to be exact. From the time I was five, to about twelve years old, this was the most important accessory I had. 705 more words

Eating And Drinking With Allergies

Back to School Lunches

School lunches…that typically brings up mixed feelings in most mamas.  It’s a chore that can be a bore…  But we all have to do it.  Today was on… 1,205 more words

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25 Easy to Pack Travel Snacks

In our family, there is meal time, and there is snack time, and it often feels more importance is given to the latter. We have found that nothing satisfies a child (or adult) on the verge of a meltdown more than a quality snack. 240 more words

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