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Is It Really Cheaper?

Last week my grandma came to take us to her house for the day. Technically I can drive with my broken elbow, but I can’t get the boys in and out of seats without help, so we haven’t gone anywhere without a chauffeur. 402 more words

Our Daily Life

Healthy No-Bake Cookies {Vegan & Gluten-Free}

Healthy No-Bake Cookies {Vegan & Gluten-Free}

These are a go to for our family when we want cookies! They are so simple and delicious that even the kids can make them. 19 more words

Overnight OIAJ

Hi everyone!  How’s it going today?  Did you do anything special yesterday for Earth Day?

After celebrating the holiday with my students, my afternoon was spent pretty much the same as every other day – errands, phone time with my guy, playtime with my pup, a killer Latin dance toning class, a shower, dinner, and bed! 228 more words

Nutty spread with lemon and tahini

I love hummus, with its combo of chickpeas, creamy sesame seed paste (tahini), tangy lemon juice, and hint of garlic. But I’m lazy about cooking chickpeas—even though my pressure cooker makes cooking beans and legumes easy—so I don’t eat hummus as often as I would like. 156 more words


Healthful Hints: stress effects, calorie counting, nut butter

Stress affects everyone differently, but it can manifest in physical ways including stomachaches or headaches. Knowing your body’s reactions can help you address and prevent symptoms. 57 more words

Creamy Roasted Nut Butter

With a slight crunch, this creamy nut butter spreads easily; the dry roasted nuts gives it a rich taste that makes it different from your normal peanut butter. 359 more words


A week of...breakfast

Last week I shared my vegan eats – lunch and dinner.  So here we have some yummy vegan breakfasts: