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Banana Bread (With Extra Banana)

I love bananas! Not only is the word fun to type (is it just me? Just try, I think you’ll agree), but bananas work perfectly in a number of desserts. 174 more words


N is for Nutella...

and that is good enough for everybody! It’s Friday afternoon…2PM I get a craving for something sweet, especially after a cup of hot relaxing tea. As I sit comfy and cozy while finally getting to read a few of my favorite magazines (started that a few days ago forgetting I had to be somewhere) my stomach lets me know it needed a snack and my brain told me sugar and sweet. 111 more words

Lay Off Me I'm Starving

Nutella Bread and Generalized Slackitude


Is that even a word?

Either way, it pretty accurately summarizes my week. I have an ever-growing list of “should-do” items that are slowly being pushed into the “might-do” column. 1,817 more words


Holey Moley - Third Ward


I really think that life is about celebrating the little things. So, after a long work week, I decided that the fact it was Friday morning was worth celebrating with some fancy donuts. 242 more words


Drink of the Week: Banana Nutella Coffee Shake #DOTW

Well the weekend is here but instead of a Saturday night cocktail I will share a Sunday morning coffee recipe with you. Many of you may have cringed hearing this but I can assure you Banana Nutella Coffee Shake is divine! 193 more words


Nutella: Problems of an addict

Nutella is one of my favorite things on this earth. I love it. I eat it with pretzels, crackers, fruit, anything you can think of… 195 more words


How to make oatmeals less boring

I disliked oatmeals ever since because of its bland taste. Yes, I know we can put chocolate and/or honey to make it sweet, but it didn’t make me like it more. 524 more words