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Nutella-Stuffed Banana Muffins

It’s hot, it’s sticky and I’m melting.

Okay so that might be a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.  The bad news is that in this weather, none of our food is lasting… the good news is that means lovely black bananas and an excuse to bake (because when it’s hot you definitely want to stand in front of an oven!)  Cue a head full of thoughts at 4am this morning about exactly what to put with those pesky fruits until inspiration struck in amongst the perspiration – SUCH an attractive thought, non?! 266 more words


Banana Buttermilk Pancakes

Stack ‘em high and wide. This is the perfect excuse to gather your family/friends/flatmates for brunch!

Fluffy, banana-y, with a pinch of cinnamon

These pancakes bring people together. 210 more words

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Baby Steps

One of the most important things I can ask myself is: why am I doing this?

Why do I want to do this? Why do I need to stop eating Nutella? 174 more words


A Not So Happy Meal

I’ve done a lot of research on good places to dine at the Tuscany. My interest was caught by SF Bistro by Rue Bourbon and The Burgery. 566 more words


A beer, the sun and a nutella sandwich

So yesterday I had Lotr marathon with two friends but after they had gone home, my brother was bother by our empty fridge. I told him that he could just throw together something, but he sighed deeply and replied, “It’s too damn hot.” He walked back and forth from the fridge to the pantry. 24 more words