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Lobster: rich not only in price

The lobster is a highly prized crustacean, caught, by the method or trammel the pot, and consumed by the upper-middle class since ancient times. In Roman times, the lobster was generally called… 169 more words


Tomato: fruit for salads

Native of South America, exported by the Spanish in the sixteenth century, the tomato is a fruit prized for its healthful properties, cultivated outdoors with a summer cycle, while in Chile and Ecuador, in particular, the tomato exists as a wild plant and thanks to the tropical climate provides fruit throughout the year. 131 more words


After all, the body works in balance. Too much of a specific nutrient can throw the body out of balance. Too much calcium, for example, especially unescorted calcium or the wrong kind of calcium, can contribute to hardening of the arteries which, in turn can eventually, squeeze down the arteries shooting up blood pressure numbers.

B vitamins: explore the world of B2

Vitamin B2 , also known as riboflavin, is a yellow compound heterocyclic obtained from a molecule of flavin bound to a chain formed by Ribitol. 224 more words


Forests Retain More Carbon in Nutrient-Rich Soil

Forests growing in nutrient-rich soils are able to absorb five times as much carbon from the atmosphere as those in nutrient-poor soils. read more Source: World Nature Top News

Pear: different succulent types

The pear, fruit of the Pyrus communis, comes in different shapes, flavor and color, depending on the variety of pear grown.┬áPear is a fruit… 295 more words


Pepper: healthy and colorful, eaten raw or cooked

The pepper is a vegetable belonging to the family Solanaceae family of plants which also includes tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant, originally from Brazil and Jamaica. 220 more words