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Dr. Fuhrman's TEDx Talk, "I Love Nutritional Science"

Dr. Fuhrman told us about this TEDx talk at the Immersion, so I thought I would share it with my blog readers. Enjoy!


Maple-Dijon "Muscle Sprouts"

Last weekend, my dad, husband and I went to our first roller derby bout. It is a full-contact sport where roller skaters battle their way past the opposing team to score points. 275 more words


Eggcellent Easter Recipes

Easter is just a week away, and with such a special holiday looming in the near future many of us are busy-bunnies this week trying to prepare for egg hunts, family gatherings, and Easter activities for all. 335 more words


"I love nutritional science!"

Dr. Furhman is a physician who has made it his life’s work to heal people through nutritional excellence. His TEDx talk is a short introduction to his nutritarian diet style, which helps people eliminate food cravings/addictions, drop excess weight, and prevent disease. 636 more words

Eggplant Stir Fry

Another simple, yet nutritious meal is eggplant stir fry. The only difference between my normal stir fry and this is the eggplant! First, remember that oil of any kind is bad for your heart. 88 more words


Nutritarian Salad

What’s the difference, you ask? No salt. No oil! Following the guidelines laid out in Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s “Eat to Live,” a good salad is made with nutritious greens like spinach and romaine lettuce. 33 more words


Getting Carried Away with "Carrie On Vegan"

I’ve been eating out a lot lately, and while the food was incredible and the company was even better, my body was not a happy camper afterwards. 348 more words