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Sometimes, I wish I were French

How great would it be to be French? You could have a meal comprised of bread, cheese, wine, and a touch of delicately dressed salad and not worry about your waistline. 414 more words

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Whole Grain, 100% Whole grain, Enriched. What's the difference?

What does ‘whole grain’ mean and how do you know if that’s truly what you’re buying?  To be called “whole grain” the product must contain all essential parts of the natural grain seed-the germ, bran, and endosperm.  123 more words


Coconut oil. What's all the hype?

Every time you turn around there is another touted benefit of coconut oil.  Claims from curing Alzheimer’s, lowering HDL, to weight loss.  Some studies have… 354 more words


Butter, Margarine, Plant Sterols. What to choose!

There is a misconception when it comes to margarine being a better choice than butter.  Manufacturers first started producing margarine as an alternative to butter because they could make it without the use of cholesterol (in addition to costing dramatically less) as opposed to butter that naturally contains cholesterol.  389 more words


Gluten. Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, gluten allergy...what does it all mean?

Ten years ago if you asked someone what gluten was they would probably look at you with a blank stare.  Today almost everyone has at least heard of the word gluten but a majority still does not understand what it is and why many people are avoiding it. 522 more words


Getting Back On Track

No matter how “good” or “healthy” we try to be, it’s inevitable to deviate at times from a healthy lifestyle.  It happens during the Holidays, while on vacation, spring break, you name there are plenty of opportunities to slip.   531 more words