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Rise of Artisan Bread - traditional Miche in NYC

A friend in the States just shunted this link along about Artisan Bread:

The artcicle is about his miche but I suspect this is a generic photo; in any case, can’t tell which one is the miche. 192 more words


Could Celiac Disease Cause Eating Disorders?

Celiac disease (CD) is a chronic autoimmune digestive disease in which the consumption of gluten leads to severe damage to the small intestine, interfering with the proper absorption of nutrients. 514 more words


EARTH DAY: Celebrate our planet through food!


Earth Day 2014 is on Tuesday, April 22. People across the globe participate in the annual celebration and often continue the fun by engaging in “Earth Week”. 873 more words

Nutrition And Health

Does Local Honey Help Relieve Seasonal Allergies?

I know that its that time of year again when I walk outside and immediately start sneezing.  Spring is here in full force and so are my allergies.   829 more words


Spring Cleaning the Pantry and Your Health

Spring is finally here! A time that symbolizes new awakenings, renewal, and transformation from the sleepy season of Winter. This is also when people, (and even insects and animals!) tend to engage in the annual ritual of “Spring Cleaning” to rid our space of unnecessary clutter and re-invigorate our surroundings. 714 more words

Nutrition And Health

Using Technology to Aid in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

I am thrilled to welcome back author and breast cancer survivor Patricia Dean-Escoto to talk about her exciting new app for newly diagnosed or recovering breast cancer patients. 1,170 more words


Raw vs Cooked Vegetables

Many new diets make claims that raw food, particularly vegetables, is better for you based on the assumption that our ancestors evolved to eat food that way and cooking destroys some of the nutrients.  1,046 more words