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Spring Cleaning the Pantry and Your Health

Spring is finally here! A time that symbolizes new awakenings, renewal, and transformation from the sleepy season of Winter. This is also when people, (and even insects and animals!) tend to engage in the annual ritual of “Spring Cleaning” to rid our space of unnecessary clutter and re-invigorate our surroundings. 714 more words

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Using Technology to Aid in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

I am thrilled to welcome back author and breast cancer survivor Patricia Dean-Escoto to talk about her exciting new app for newly diagnosed or recovering breast cancer patients. 1,170 more words


Raw vs Cooked Vegetables

Many new diets make claims that raw food, particularly vegetables, is better for you based on the assumption that our ancestors evolved to eat food that way and cooking destroys some of the nutrients.  1,046 more words


Ginger May Relieve Arthritis Pain and Inflammation

Ginger root is one of my new favorite things.

Last year I began having pain in my wrists and fingers making it difficult to use my hands, not only because of the pain but also because the joints would lock up and limit the amount of movement I had with them.  1,302 more words


Taking a 'whole' diet approach

Give your monotonous diet a shake up this week. Look at your diet as a whole and try to include variety, balance and moderation:

-You could make sure you have something completely different for breakfast each day. 37 more words

Nutrition And Health

Funny Friday

Watch how much you nom nom! Have a great weekend!



Eating clean - an irrational fixation on health?

I love this picture. It was created by a chemistry teacher to debunk the misconceptions, and hype surrounding chemical-free, clean-eating living.

People today are so scared of chemical sounding names in food, but even eggs contain formaldehyde and E numbers! 547 more words

Nutrition And Health