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Class on Tuesday 9-02-2014

This is the outline for the first class:

Slides (Only a few for the first class) for Chapter 1 can be found in the PowerPoint Folder on Sakai… 15 more words

Nutrition And Health

15 Health foods that are really junk


Well, maybe none of this is news to the few who read this blog, but there are some interesting links about modern wheat in the wholewheat section, including: 480 more words


Breakfast Benefits

Children are heading back to school and parents are getting ready with carts full of books, paper, pens, and backpacks. These supplies are important for you child’s success is school, but just as important is breakfast. 460 more words

Class Schedule for Nutrition and Health Fall 2014

Here is the full class schedule for Nutrition and Health this fall.

Good Luck to All!

Nutrition And Health

Get the Skinny on Saturated Fat

Nutrition advice can seem confusing and ever changing. For years the advice has been to limit cholesterol and saturated fat for a heart healthy diet, but recent studies indicate that might be too simplistic. 745 more words

Nutrition And Health

Artificial Sweeteners - Sucralose (Splenda)

Artificial sweeteners are sugar substitutes that provide no nutritional value and are made by chemical processes, rather than naturally occurring in the environment.  As such, there’s always a lot of negative attention directed toward artificial sweeteners and indeed, anything labeled as “artificial.”  I’ve decided to do a series of articles on artificial sweeteners to find out what claims are true and what isn’t, instead of doing one article with a bullet point list.  1,999 more words


5 ways to get rid of bloating, mood swings & food cravings

Via @MindBodyGreen

As women, three out of every four weeks of the month, we’re our regular selves and then … that monthly time creeps up on us again. 396 more words