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Power up with lean protean to help build and repair your body.

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Top 10 Nutrition Facts That Everyone Agrees On

1. Added Sugar Is A Disaster

We all know that added sugar is bad.

Some think sugar is a simple matter of “empty” calories, while others believe it to cause diseases that kill… 1,627 more words


Know your daily water requirements

We all know that water is essential for living. 70% of our bodies are made up to water. Adequate water intake keeps us hydrated and fresh and toxins away from our system. 116 more words

Nutrition Tips

Combination of Oils for a healthy life

Cholesterol is not present naturally in oils, but oils help cholesterol build up in the body.

To get the maximum benefits of the oil and to prevent formation of excessive cholesterol, a mix of oils can be used. 10 more words

Nutrition Tips

Improve Nutrient Absorption, Avoid Tea around Meals

Tea, a traditional beverage drink which is rich in antioxidants and which has proved to be beneficial in preventing diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease may not prove to be as good when taken around meals. 40 more words

Nutrition Tips

FOLIC ACID (Vitamin B9): Special Importance in Girls

Folic acid is a B Vitamin (Vitamin B9) is needed by the body for cell growth and development.
Our body makes millions of new cells everyday. 144 more words

Nutrition Tips

Kissing Germs and Inflammation Away


I felt like this weeks articles, in my eNewsletter, deserved some additional comments and if you look closely, the first three articles are related in one way or another.   299 more words

Nutrition Tips