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not seeing results? 2 things you can do this next week

1- write down what you eat or count your calories for a week ( every single thing that goes into your mouth)
You might be surprised to find that you might be eating at maintenance level. 48 more words

Nutrition Tips

37 Fitness and Nutrition Tips

Here’s to tip #21-25!

21. Warm-up!  That’s all.

22. Tired of crunches.  Then stop!  There are many different other exercises to choose from.  In fact, get off your back and turn over and start with regular plank(starting push up position) or elbow plank. 57 more words

Eat the incredible....edible egg that is!

Did you know one of the world’s highest quality proteins checks out around a whooping 20 cents per day?

Yes, indeed!

The incredible edible egg, is the protein I’m talking about, and in honor of the Easter holiday approaching, I though I would pass along some pretty amazing nutrition info and research. 813 more words

Protein That Packs A Punch

Protein is one of the most versatile nutrients that we have. Not only is it the building block for bones, muscle, blood, skin, etc but it can help in weight loss and management. 476 more words

Great Grilling

With fresh, lean meats and plenty of fresh vegetables, grilling can be not only a fun way to eat but a nutritious one, too. So gather your foods and utensils and follow these tips for a safe, healthy barbecue: 216 more words


How Much Sugar Should You Eat?

How much sugar do you eat? Do you have a sugar addiction? These days sugar is found in most foods in large amounts and this number continues to grow. 530 more words

Nutrition Tips