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Clean Eating with a Low Sugar Focus

Looking to start a challenge group October 6th. Totally free unless you are interested in utilizing shakeology during the challenge. Focus should be cleaning up your diet and losing as many processed sugars as you can!! 46 more words


Do Men and Women Need the Same Nutrition?

Men and women are fundamentally different. We have different interests, we express emotion in different ways, and we have different biology. Of course, all this is to a point and is not to say men and women could not both enjoy art, both do not express fear, and both do not have a heart and mind. 690 more words


Get Going!

When I get discouraged or feel uninspired to do the things I love to do, I usually turn to the internet for support.  When I read current articles about health and fitness, new approaches to exercise and diet, or new statistical data about nutrition it motivates me to get going.   70 more words


Day 1! 9/29/14

Day 1 of a 30 day paleo challenge! I was really excited to sign up for this challenge through my gym: http://crossfittolerance.com/      and participate in this because I have been trying to do paleo on my own, but it is sometimes hard when no one is watching you (yes, I will have that ice cream cone and brie cheese). 211 more words


Thick, Easy Marinara Sauce

September 30, 2014

I have always had trouble growing tomatoes. I am getting better but have not ‘arrived’ yet. For this reason, I have not ventured out to find a really good marinara sauce. 499 more words


Healthy Living: Should You Be Afraid to Take Vitamins?

Consider these statistics taken from this article:

The American medical system kills 225,000 people per year—106,000 as a direct result of pharmaceutical drugs.

Among patients, who received drugs in hospitals, or were admitted to hospitals because they were suffering from the drugs doctors had given them: 547 more words