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V is for

For the next 26 days (at least) it is my intent to review, foods, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc. that are the ideal of health and  667 more words

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delectable Dandelion, an ode to taraxacum officinale

Summer memories of my youth are filled with dandelions – I was given a 10 cents allowance for digging up dandelions and throwing them in the compost, but when no one was looking I was weaving faerie crowns with golden blossoms, writing secret messages on the sidewalk with the transparent milky sap, and whispering wishes to the wind as I watched the feathery seeds float away. 450 more words


Motivation Monday: July 28

Happy motivation monday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic day and are sticking with your heal and fitness goals. I woke up a 3am, hopped in the car at 5am and drove all the way home to NJ and made it here around 10am. 166 more words


One Month Diet

“Mom, what are you eating for Sunmeal?”

-No one ever

Have you wondered whether a certain diet works? I’m here to tell you that they all work. 818 more words


The Nutrition Corner

The Nutrition Corner is a weekly grab of news and informed opinions on the latest developments in nutrition and health. 

Decoding the headlines

We all see or hear about the food and health headlines everyday in the newspapers, TV, internet blogs, the guy down the gym, the old woman down the street…One day you could be reading your morning coffee is the next best thing and the next day its going to kill you!!  332 more words


Oh Sugar!

I’m sure you’d agree that it’s definitely taboo to write an online article shaming your workplace. As a Starbucks barista and a bit of a nutrition geek, I thought I’d draw a bit of attention to the new ‘Yoghurt Frappuccino’ blended beverages.  378 more words


Beauty IS only Skin Deep!

I watched a video today on how the French are reducing fresh produce waste by changing their marketing strategies.  The problem:  Supermarkets only sell fruits and vegetables that meet set standards of appearance.   359 more words