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Become Friends With Fats! Well, More Like Best Friends....

Do You see that beautiful jar of raw Artisana coconut butter I’m holding? It’s almost halfway gone, because the last two days I’ve been eating it by the spoonfuls. 510 more words

A Pill-Popping Paradigm

(An article I wrote a few years ago, posted here for the first time, and still highly relevant.)

A Pill-Popping Paradigm

A major society-wide problem today is our over reliance on the quick fix of pharmaceutical medicines. 2,122 more words

Savoy Cabbage

I have written about kale before, but savoy cabbage is another wonderful ‘dark green leafy vegetable’. It has plenty of flavour and is so versatile. 146 more words


Back to Basics

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is a science focused on the interactions between living organisms and their food.  It includes the biological processes used in consuming food and our body’s ability to use the nutrients contained within. 700 more words

Beating Diabetes With Walnuts

Diabetes is such a major issue globally but especially here in the UAE, so this latest piece of research is exciting as it really does give people a practical and accessible way to manage their blood sugar and safeguard their health.   96 more words


9 Mantras to Improve Your Quality of Life

Who isn’t a sucker for motivational quotes? We all love having simple phrases that remind us to think of the bigger picture; to take ourselves out of our personal bubbles and remember that there is a world around us and we are here to enjoy it. 1,403 more words

Holistic Nutrition


For some people this is an acquired taste, but I find it a staple for cooking many dishes, giving a flavour boost and richness that I love. 243 more words