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Ready, Set, Digest!

I don’t use the name “Just Love Your Guts” on my website, my social media, and my recently launched nutritional therapy practice just because I think it’s cute.  1,017 more words


Discounted alternative health services/therapies (incl. acupuncture)

If you are a student, unemployed or a pensioner, and would like to access alternative health services like acupuncture, the University of Westminster’s Polyclinic is a great place for it, especially with their concessions. 38 more words

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6 Reasons Why You're NOT Losing Weight!

Despite spending what seems to be a lifetime dieting, many of us just don’t seem to be able to lose weight. Our meal plan may be paleo and our exercise regime punishing, but our body remains, stubbornly, at that same weight on the scale. 146 more words


The Joy of Lentils

Some people will groan reading this title – any of us that were subjected to either soggy lentils or indeed a tasteless mush are maybe a bit wary of something that we are consistently told are so good for us! 122 more words


Pumpkin Power

Halloween may be over, but the wonders of the humble pumpkin go on. It is such a wonderful, cheery autumnal vegetable irrespective of whether or not we use it for Halloween. 163 more words


Thanks for visiting my site!

Hi and thanks for taking the time to visit my site. As you can see, the site is currently still under development.

In the meantime, please join my facebook group… 7 more words


Cravings: Confessions Of A Chocoholic

As a nutritional therapist, it’s a given that I’m all about food. I make fun of myself often, and have shared the fact that lately I’ve had a chocolate craving that I just can’t seem to shake. 334 more words