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Baked Tofu - Happy Turkey!

Oh, hi there! I’ve crawled out of hibernation to share instructions for a great American hippie-vegetarian classic: seasoned, baked tofu!

I make this for large dinner gatherings where turkey or ham tend to be the main course, like Thanksgiving, and people often ask how it’s done. 497 more words

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Makin' it old school

This is probably an embarrassing post. However, I am super excited about it.
A good friend of mine let me know how easy it is… 107 more words

Vegan Mac n' "cheese"

Ah, comfort food.

I remember eating kraft dinner when I was younger and I thought powdered cheese was totally normal!

Little did I know, that I wasn’t even eating real food… 341 more words


Savoury Granola

When you fancy something a bit cheesy and crunchy but you don’t want the gluten or dairy opt for this quick, nutritious granola and pop it with your eggs….or tofu if you’re vegan, put it on your salad, mix it with hummus, its up to you! 258 more words

Vegan butternut squash risotto

Sometimes the simplest of things are the best! When your pantry is overflowing with pumpkins and squash in the fall and you can’t stand the smell of pumpkin spice any more, this simple risotto might be the perfect dish for you. 214 more words


Spinach and Almond Risotto

Ok, so I don’t actually know if it qualifies as a risotto, but I can assure you, it tasted darn good. Even my mom said she loved it and wanted the recipe! 256 more words


Spaghetti with sauce, VEGAN!

My dearest all,

This pasta recipe will make your taste buds happy, no matter your gastronomic orientation. Whether you’re a meat lover or a veggie eater, spaghetti is always delicious, being one of those comfort foods. 129 more words

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