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Glory Bowl - a Whitewater Favourite

This is one of the classic dishes to come from the Whitewater Ski Hill kitchen.  The dressing is addictive and can be used on any kind of salad. 697 more words


Vegan "whatever's on hand" Pizza

Everyone loves pizza! Some times I really want one but haven’t thought ahead to buy in what I want. When this happens I raid the freezer, cupboards, and back of the fridge to see what I can throw together. 393 more words


What about B12?

It’s hard to write about vitamin B12 without talking about all the B’s. We all know families like this. They are strong individually but together they are near perfect. 756 more words


Pasta with Pesto - wholewheat pasta with cashew-basil pesto

Pesto is incredibly expensive when bought in the supermarket, so a cheap and much healthier atlternative is making it at home. I love to know the exact ingredients in my food, and using fresh basil leaves tastes a lot better than canned herbs. 130 more words

Abu Dhabi

Oven-Baked Roasted Red Peppers with Potato and Tofu Filling

Feeling completely uninspired today, I was afraid I would end up eating something boring, but my mother told me she was roasting peppers and a lightbulb went on in the head: oven-baked roasted red peppers with potato and tofu filling! 384 more words


Super Simple Snack Series: Homemade Vegan Goldfish Crackers

My kids are crazy about these crackers.  I slightly adapted this recipe from the Vegan Lunch Box.  This week we had them as an after school snack paired with this… 291 more words

Dairy Free

Don't be afraid of the yeast....

Popular among vegans and health junkies, nutritional yeast (aka nooch) is like a magical powder. You can sprinkle it on EVERYTHING. But if it’s foreign to you, here’s what you need to know… 274 more words