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Does Nutritional Yeast Contain MSG? And Should We Care?

If you’ve been following the MSG contoversy, the stuff is everywhere. According to some sources, MSG is pretty much the cause of all of our modern ills ( 661 more words


Dairy Free & Nut Free Cheese

Cheese and I had a special bond for many years. It was my go-to quick afternoon snack that kept me going until dinner. At some point I’d even read an article that influenced me to eat a piece of cheese before dining out at a restaurant. 557 more words


Vegan Cheeze Sauce (2 Ways)

The most versatile vegan cheeze sauce, without all the stomach aches. Use it for baked potatoes, mac and cheeze, queso, nachos, empanadas…

Option 1: Cashew-based… 226 more words


Dressing av solsikkekjerner

Denne dressingen er veldig mild på smak, og kan dermed matches med mye forskjellig. Den krever ikke all verdens jobb, men bittelitt planlegging i og med at solsikkekjernene skal ligge i bløt. 56 more words


My Beloved Kitchen Essentials

Today I thought of sharing with you a few of my kitchen essentials in terms of food and spices. They are things I adore beyond what words can say, so I hope I can convince some of you to incorporate them more in your cooking. 728 more words


Not-Cho "Cheese" Sauce (Vegan)

I am not a vegan. Not even close to being a vegetarian. I’m a die hard carnivore! However, I bought some nutritional yeast because it was called for in another recipe and since the container is so big, I knew I had to find other ways to use it. 355 more words

Side Dishes