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Root vegetables mashed with ground Turkey and Kale

The quest for nourishing food never ends in this household and this recipe delivers. My inspiration for the mashed is my caribbean roots. Yautia, which is very easy to find in NYC, unfortunately I don’t know if it’s as easy everywhere else, is for me the smoothest of all root veggies. 353 more words

Nuts About Sweet Potato Soup (C)

Don’t be down-hearted by the cold, dark nights (no, not Batman) that are drawing in. We have the perfect recipe that will keep your taste buds jumping with joy and yourself nice and toasty! 283 more words


Cantaloupe Smoothie!

I decided to try something different for breakfast this morning. We had a lot of cantaloupe cut up so I decided to make a delicious and nutritious breakfast smoothie!  76 more words

Zucchini Pasta with Alfredo sauce

Mmmm mmmm. That was a tasty dinner!!! I truly love spaghetti, and I definitely do not want to be eating the real stuff often. Eating it this way satisfies my craving for pasta. 170 more words


Breakfast 27/8/14

Yummy fruit bowl topped with some flavoursome yogurt and crunchy cornflakes.
I used strawberries and blueberries (because they’re my favourite..🙊) and I topped it with gingerbread alpro soy and Waitrose cornflakes🍓👌❤️ 21 more words