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Just be ready.  A teacher who does Square Foot Gardening with her students said today that she has looked at the 10 day forecast and everything is good regarding frost for the next week. 51 more words

Courgetti ~ Roasted Red Pepper Ragu ~ Black Olives

This is one of the quickest and most delicious meals of all time and is my current favourite ‘go to’ recipe for those cold evenings when I want something comforting, nourishing and filling but just simply do not have the time to cook and/or have such a bad case of ‘hanger’ I just can’t wait any longer. 314 more words

Gluten Free

Delicious 10 Minute Meal

Hey guys,

I had a really busy day today consisting of taking my girlfriends car into get repaired (affording the repair is another story… 165 more words


Health in a bowl (Broccoli Soup)

My hubby and I both love broccoli, who doesn’t right? I also love soup too. Unfortunately a standard broccoli soup recipe is usually full of cream and other ingredients that overpower the broccoli flavour I actually want. 244 more words


Is Seafood and Sushi really life-threatening?

We have been brain-washed our entire life about how beneficial seafood and fish are for our health. How we should eat them weekly more than once as they are a great lean source of proteins with condensed benefits. 223 more words


Apple and Cinnamon Porridge

Morning! Off to the gym on this cold and wintry Saturday and I needed something warm and carby (a smoothie just wasn’t going to cut it today) for breakfast. 360 more words


Dairy Kefir; my high maintenance girlfriend

In this video I demonstrate my daily kefir ritual. Dairy kefir is a great way to add probiotics into your life!

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