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Groot Bark

Comic book fan? Yes. Guardians of the Galaxy fan? Not yet. I grew up as an X-Men fan. Got into the Avengers as a young adult. 129 more words


Peanut Butter Blondies

I’ve been addictive to these blondies and everyone at home just love it! These are made with real nuts and addition of choco chips makes these an heavenly treat. 218 more words


Nuts about......

One of the things that makes me happy is food.  And I’m learning that not all food is created equal! It’s been said “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was MADE in a plant, don’t eat it.” 172 more words


Milking It (For What It's Worth)

By golly, I succeeded in making my own almond milk this week! And, as promised, I hereby offer my (very simple) process and observations.

Process: 291 more words

Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta: a Summer Favorite

Thanks to the California Fig Growers Association, who gave us this recipe several years ago, Fresh Fig and Gorgonzola Pasta has become a summer favorite. We are fortunate to have an old fig tree in our yard, so we have plenty of fresh figs every summer for a week or two. 245 more words


Day 39 - "Stress Detox" 6/7

Spent today trying to recover from the morning’s outburst of scratching… I did use Hydrocortisone in the afternoon and also took an antihistamine, as (for whatever reason) the infuriatingly itchy small yellow spots I get, UNprompted by scratching, were there in abundance around lunchtime and weren’t disappearing as they usually do. 299 more words

cashew nut cheese

As part of the eating experience that is my life, I spent a month (or most thereof) being a vegan,

One of the things I made, and really liked, while being kind to the world, was cashew nut cheese. 186 more words

Lemon Juice