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Happy Holidays, Foodies!!!

A long weekend! Lovely holidays! Easter celebrations everywhere around… And so it has to be special for us too :) Baked an eggless ‘Dark Chocolate Cake’ which is filled with Chocolate Buttercream and topped with Chocolate Ganache :) Ohhh yes, first time I used ganache on top and believe me, it came out to be a ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’  for true chocolate lovers :D… 36 more words


Irish Cream Fudge Covered in Chocolate

Irish Cream Fudge Covered in Chocolate

6 cups Icing Sugar
¾ cup Cream
600g White Chocolate
375g Butter
1/3 cup Irish Cream Liqueur

To Decorate… 163 more words

"I just want that peanut!"

The other day, I glanced out the window and caught a glimpse of the male bluebird dive-bombing something on my patio. I went over to my patio door to investigate. 336 more words


Liebster Award & Two-ingredient Energy Bars

Today is a very happy day because Pimpante has won a Liebster Award, which is a prize given by bloggers to other bloggers, to show their appreciation and encouragement. 619 more words


Fighting the Sugar Rush

I know that I go on and on about eating right. Your health, your responsibility, yada, yada, yada, lol! I still believe those things with all my heart, but I like a little sugar in my diet too. 601 more words

What Almonds?

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busy busy busy...

strange woman on the bus today, telling people they are not “human”, having a go at one young girl for even looking in her direction! it wouldn’t have been a problem, except she made the girl cry for nothing, and i mean, wouldn’t you attract attention with GREEN hair? 31 more words