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Alone with my thoughts for 20 miles.

Well. My first 20 miler yesterday was a success! It was every part “easy”, hard, challenging, painful, and mental, like I thought it would be. 674 more words

Checking In - Week 7 - Day 6

Long run day, 9 miles!! I traveled back to my homeland of New Mexico for this run since my half marathon will be there. New Mexico is at least 5000+ above sea level and I wanted to make sure I could handle it. 73 more words


Fitness Food

I’m terrible about eating. Absolutely terrible. I hate eating. If I could take a pill instead of eating, I would. Even though I like to cook, I’d make a terrible chef because I’d rather just not have to deal with food at all. 350 more words


Windermere.. The secret swim

After I (Manda) did the Windermere 2 way relay a couple of people mentioned to me that they were interested in doing a Windermere swim and I said I would be keen to do a solo after the 2 way relay so would be something to consider for next year.   1,361 more words


Nuun Fuels My Run

With the hotter summer weather I was running in, I was noticing that no matter how much water I was consuming, I still felt dehydrated on occasion. 345 more words


*Cutting myself some slack... my HTC recap*

Two weeks ago right now I was traveling down I-5 in Washington state with five of my Hood to Coast teammates, along with our rad driver, heading towards the first major van exchange. 1,025 more words

SCM Training wk 8: Good For Great

Last week was full of wins, both physically and mentally. So what did you do differently, Christina? I ate more food. That might seem funny but I’ve actually had a really hard time satisfying my calorie intake during this training. 531 more words