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"Mommy, what's birth control?" – How this kids' kitten game crossed the line with an adult in-app ad

“Mommy, what’s birth control?”

So began my discussion of age-inappropriate mobile advertising. It was the day after Thanksgiving and a good friend in the venture capital industry – let’s call him “John” – texted me that quote, followed by, “That was my 8-year-old niece.” 631 more words


Nuva Ring: IDU care poate provoca moartea purtatoarei

Dispozitivul vaginal anticonceptional Nuva Ring este produs de  firma Merck si este  prezentat drept echivalentul une mico-pilule cu estrogeni. Se mentine in uter 21 de zile, dupa care se indeparteaza pentru urmatoarele 7 zile. 259 more words


NFA - the perfect example of Gradualism

I’ve been meaning to revisit the topic of NFP or, as I would prefer to call it, NFA and Joseph Shaw has provided me with the perfect opportunity, with a blogpost critiquing this rather natty little video, promoting the benefits of NFP, as opposed to conventional contraception. 2,251 more words