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Northwest Tracking: I AM NOT A ROCK STAR

The sacrifice of self, the acclaim, the adoring crowds… classical pianist Marika Bournaki fits the role. But the title of Oregon-born Bobbi Jo Hart’s award-winning portrait speaks to the contradictions of Bournaki’s life. 110 more words

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(Re)Discoveries: Rainer Werner Fassbinder's ALI: FEAR EATS THE SOUL - new 35mm print!

Fassbinder, who in his own way was always examining social norms and systems, here takes on the twin issues of explicit racism and love across generations, with his tale of the chance relationship between Moroccan guest worker Ali (El Hedi ben Salem) and aging, German-born housekeeper Emmi (Brigitte Mira), who meet in a bar when both are feeling depressed about their station in life. 162 more words

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Yet another local example of how to publish your info in fine digital style: NW Film Center uses Issuu for bimonthly schedule

In the old days, you published paper: newspapers, programs, calendars, schedules, newsletters.

While paper may still be called for, nowadays paper should ALWAYS be accompanied by a digital version. 753 more words

Northwest Tracking: EVERGREEN w/ producer Nils Cowan in attendance

The passage of I-502—the ballot initiative that legalized recreational marijuana usage in Washington State—attracted national attention. EVERGREEN follows the successful campaign in detail and provides an overview of the debates involved in pushing the initiative to the finish line. 117 more words

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(Re)Discoveries: Howard Hawks' RIO BRAVO - new 2k restoration!


John Wayne, Dean Martin, and Ricky Nelson team up in this idiosyncratic take on the “singing cowboy” Western from the ever-versatile Howard Hawks. When aging Sheriff John T. 214 more words

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(Re)Discoveries: Billy Wilder's SUNSET BOULEVARD - new 2k restoration!

Down-on-his luck screenwriter Joe Gillis (William Holden), out of work, rejected by the studios, and facing repossession of his car—a necessary tool in early ‘50s Los Angeles—seeks accidental refuge at the home of former silent film star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson, in a career-defining role). 179 more words

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Animation Director Mark Gustafson at Friday's Wes's World screening of FANTASTIC MR. FOX - 35mm print!

We’re pleased as punch that Portland’s own Mark Gustafson, who worked as the animation director on FANTASTIC MR. FOX, will be in attendance at our Friday, August 22 screening of the film.  218 more words

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