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Reclaiming the " " word

The most familiar case we know of in reclaiming oppressive labels is the “N” word. Professor Cornell West has argued that there is no point in reclaiming a word that never belonged to you. 210 more words

Use of the N-Word in Sports

One of the most, if not thee most storied and speculated word in United States history is the word “Nigger”.  Beginning as a tool used to disrespect and belittle those of African descent, it has developed into more of a slang term that African Americans have embraced. 643 more words

Slurs in Sports: The NFL Trying to Rid of the N-Word

On July 31, 2013, a video surfaced of Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receiver Riley Cooper, a white man, shouting “I will fight every N***** here,” while at a Kenny Chesney concert. 547 more words

The N-word: un-KOURCKED

When I think about all of the things that make me angry (really angry), the list is short.  However, those things make my blood boil.  They make me want to Hulk out on my bathroom door.   1,369 more words