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Steven Sotloff, Journalist Held by ISIS, Was Undeterred by Risks of Job

Steven J. Sotloff, an American journalist being held by ISIS since last year, was drawn to the tumult of the Middle East for years.

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Blood Industry Hurt by Surplus

Medical advances have increased efficiency, but the trend is forcing an enormous wave of mergers and job cutbacks.

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DealBook: Goldman to Pay $3.15 Billion to Settle Mortgage Claims

Goldman had been accused of unloading low-quality mortgage bonds onto Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in the run-up to the financial crisis.

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A Clash of Gold and Water in the California Pines

Where forty-niners once roamed, a plan to dig up 240,000 ounces of gold is vehemently opposed by local residents who fear damage to the environment and their way of life. 9 more words


Critic Said to Be Choice for India’s Chief Adviser

Arvind Subramanian, a United States-based economist, has criticized the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for policies that seem unfriendly to investors and markets.

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Business Briefing: McDonald’s Names New President of U.S. Unit

The company Mike Andres as president of its struggling United States division, marking the second change in two years.

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Business Briefing: American Steel Producers Win Anti-Dumping Case

The United States has approved anti-dumping duties against South Korea and other producers of steel pipes for the energy sector.

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