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The Streets of NYC In the Wee Hours

When strolling the streets of NYC, you can never predict what you are going to see. Whether it be a performance in a subway station, to a riot going on in the middle of Times Square, you can never be prepared enough. 274 more words


New York, I Love You

Though this New York fare-thee-well is being sent all the way from the Sunshine State, just try to imagine me shouting it amongst a throng of tourists in the very heart of a swarming, pulsing Times Square. 570 more words

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Why Taylor Swift is Swiftly Becoming a Street Style Icon!

Remember when Taylor Swift use to show up at award shows donning some sparkly, princess-inspired creation, and her street style consisted mainly of beanies, checkered blouses and vintage-inspired summer dresses? 217 more words


Coney Island, T-Rexes and Gemstones: Just Another Week in NYC

This past week and a half has been another crazy one in the city, moving from the coast of Brooklyn’s famous Coney Island (see below!) to the tip of the T-Rex head at the Museum of Natural History. 473 more words

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Central perks of big city living

Another supremely fantastic week has passed, and with it, a whole deluge of stories! From my inhaling of the famous frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 to making friends with snapping turtles at Central Park. 228 more words

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