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Homeless Man 'Lays Good Pipe' for Shelter

 “It’s not like I forgot how to get pussy just because I fucking became homeless.”

 Joe is 26 and homeless.  He lives in NYC and disturbingly makes more money than most of my friends with college degrees by racking in a $150 bucks a day from panhandling.   98 more words


Murder rate down in NYC, but homelessness has increased

NEW YORK (AP) - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is releasing the first partial report card of his administration.

The Mayor’s Management Report is an annual snapshot of city operations. 115 more words


I am a Finalist for Martha Stewart American Made Competition!

I am a wildcard finalist for the 3rd annual Martha Stewart American Made competition! Based on social media shares, I was able to gain one of the 200 “wildcard” spots among the 1000 finalists! 493 more words


ivan ramen slurp shop

I went to Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop with the intention of eating ramen (duh) but I said to myself “Akua the weather is still lovely. Save the ramen taste testing for December when you’re cold and miserable.” So with a quick glance at the menu I ordered the Slow-Cooked Pork Donburi and it was a mistake. 90 more words


NY Paleo Eats: Anita's Creamline Coconut Yogurt

Guys. Hold me to this, but over the next few days I will get my hands on Anita’s Creamline Coconut Yogurt in NYC. I’ve heard a few of the trainers here at RevInMo talking about it, and I can’t wait to try it. 72 more words

Carlo Carezzano

Carlos Carezzano. Si reparte salsa en República Dominicana, por qué no en New York.