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What's Happening Now at Hip Philly

@dj2eleven getting it in @hipphilly #Philly #Philadelphia #nolibs #northernliberties #hipphillynow #thepiazza via Instagram http://ift.tt/1nkPWut


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night...

The night before leaving for college always seems bittersweet.  In my case, I am super excited to see my friends, explore my beautiful school and become one step closer to being able to get a job in a field that I love.   254 more words


[Summer in NYC] Take me to the park! Central Park

Afternoons spent in Central Park make me as happy as a clam. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face right now! Considering A) my multiple trips to NYC since becoming a Cornell student, B) spending an entire summer here AND C) my love for walking in parks, you would think that I now know Central Park like the back of my hand. 749 more words

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Touching Story: Young Fan Kelli Sullivan Gains The Simpson's Attn & She Needs Your Help -- Read Here!!

Fourteen year old Alli Simpson fan Kelli Sullivan has Type 3 Atelosteogenesis and now she has gained Cody Simpson and Alli Simpson’s attention.  Kelli turned into a true Alli Simpson fan from the start and now she has a huge dream which is to meet her idol and inspiration Alli. 230 more words

Disney Star And Celebrity News

Can Rhinos do a Reign dance?

Some snaps I scored while running a muck around the first match.
(New York Rhinos and Los Angeles Reign at Madison Square Garden, 19-Aug-2014)

Click on any to get a bigger version but it might be like “don’t meet your heroes”. 1,117 more words


The Nomad Hotel

Tonight I am at The Nomad Hotel at 28th and Broadway in New York City. My parents are at a wedding on the rooftop of the hotel and I am babysitting for the groom’s niece and nephew. 223 more words

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