The Quad School Visit

I went to an open house today at the Quad school, its a new school that just opened in the east village. The school is only 18 children from ages 7-14. 83 more words

NYC Public School Education

P311 NYCDOE Parent Center also serves as a place to voice your concerns and get Results!

I am sure that many of you at one point have felt the need to call 311 as far as the DOE NYC goes.

Over the last year I have done extensive research about 311 and the DOE NYC. 1,116 more words

Special Education And The NYCDOE

My Child's Para did not even read his IEP

My child continues to have trouble in school. So for open school week I decided to sit in everyday. I could not believe how useless the para assigned to my child was! 146 more words

NYC Public School Education

Links to know for DOE NYC Parents

All parents should try and be familiar with part 100


Special Ed parents need to also know part 200 and NYSED just updated in feb 2014 part 200. 228 more words

NYC Public School Education

DOE NYC has too many lawyers and not enough teachers

Even though there are over a dozen senior field councils and lawyers helping principals to cheat their students and parents out of a free appropriate education,  the doe still needs more, on their website https://nycdoe.silkroad.com/epostings/index.cfm?version=2  the following job posts are always available to those willing to sell their souls. 141 more words

NYC Public School Education

A New System of Evaluating NYC's Schools

Chancellor Carmen Farina is changing the way NYC public schools are evaluated.  With the help of Mayor Di Blasio NYC is adapting a new way of evaluation that would serve to answer parents answer their pending questions. 195 more words

School News