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But What About the Face?

So tights are great for our legs and make them look smooth and airbrushed, but what about the rest of our body? Particularly the face. Make up helps where it can but what if we could get an airbrushed effect wherever we go? 46 more words

First experiments on the dobby loom!

I began my first experiments in the weaving studio making a double cloth and using a warp made of monofilament and polypropylene twine. For the weft I used mostly monofilament, but alternated other materials like foil and cotton. 33 more words

Tights are Filters

Filters are used to hide our imperfections, make us look more tanned, whiten our teeth or lighten our hair (to name a few examples). We want the best version of ourselves to be displayed on social media. 66 more words

Tights as a Filter

This semester there is no brief. No guideline to follow and no initial ideas to begin with. I have decided to carry on with the research and ideas I gained from my Instagram project and look into fine art photography. 138 more words

Nylon endanlega hættar

Nei ég ætlaði ekki að trúa þessu fyrst þegar ég fékk snapchat af MBL fréttinni í morgun :( Sorgardagur fyrir mig en ég er og hef alltaf verið NYLON FAN nr 1!! 292 more words


Yarn Review - Wendy Quasar Chunky

A quirky yarn by Wendy which comes in 100g balls of 70% Acrylic and 30% Nylon. It is definitely an economical chunky with approximately 170m (185 yrds) on each ball which I have found goes a long way as, for example, only 4 balls of this lovely stuff is enough to make a hat, scarf and gloves set for an adult male. 298 more words