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Tau Yew Bak

Quick and easy
“Translated as soya sauce braised pork belly.”

For your mise-en-place, you need to boil  and peel half a packet of quails eggs, 600 g pork belly cut into 1cm inch cubes, peel 3 hole garlics cloves, dark soya sauce, star anise, chinese 5 spice powder and tofu puffs. 103 more words


Mee Rebus

Quick and easy
“Egg noodle with a spicy slightly sweet curry-like gravy.”

A popular noodle dish in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Preparing the rempah (also known as the paste), you need a piece of galangal, ginger, 6-8 roughly chopped shallots,  half a bowl of dried shrimp soaked in hot water,  and two teaspoon of curry powder and thoroughly blend. 183 more words


Sedap, Malaysian Nyonya Cuisine in London

We ended up at Sedap (102 Old St, London EC1V 9AY) thanks to a concert that never occurred. We were in the impossibly trendy Shoreditch waiting for a concert that was supposed to begin at 7, but by 8:30, the show had no signs of starting, and was being filled with more young teenagers than a One Direction concert. 386 more words


On the Trail of the Phoenix - Ayam Tempra

Like Kangkong Masak Lemak, Pong Tauhu and Ikan Pari Kuah Lada,  there are many Peranakan dishes do not require time-consuming or laborious preparation. Neither are they fiendishly difficult to prepare as some had claimed them to be. 529 more words


On the Trail of the Phoenix - Kangkong Masak Lemak

Peranakan cooking is often thought to be complicated, elaborated, time-consuming and difficult to learn. Well, this is what many people think and some, expound or expect others to think. 906 more words