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Elephants, elephants, elephants

I had always felt inspired and drawn to elephants. They are majestic yet gentle, awe-inspiring fellow occupants of our planet Earth.  I fully support the Elephant Parade events and am totally grateful towards their efforts for the preservation of the Asian elephants. 86 more words


Painted benches

Lately, I had ventured into painting benches. A friend of mine requested me to paint one for him and he gave me 2 other ones to ‘play’ with. 53 more words


Batik Inspired Boards of 2015

I created this blue Batik Board with a lacy corner……..giving an impression of how the batik sarong will look if a lace blouse is worn over it. 62 more words


Kueh Talam

I’m a big believer in cooking from scratch. Making your own food means that you are aware of exactly what you’re eating and that you can eat fresh food, free of the plethora of artificial substances that are put into packaged products to improve their shelf-life. 785 more words


Jonker 88 (Museum Café) , Melaka...think twice about ever waiting on this queue

At any given moment in Melaka, you’ll find locals and tourists waiting in line outside Jonker 88. It’s a tourist’s rite of passage to stand on that line. 139 more words

Food & Beverage

CNY Nyonya Dress Challenge 2015 ~ Part 2

Chinese New Year aka CNY Nyonya Dress Challenge 2015 ~ Part 2. The model in purple Nyonya blouse is Lydia Li-Han. Our more matured Nyonya, Aunty Annie Lim celebrated her 77th Birthday on that day of photo-shooting ie Sunday, 18 January, 2015.

SP Lim