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Sonza's Wilson Cocktail

I don’t know who either Sonza or Wilson are. And there is no plain “Wilson’s” Cocktail in the Savoy so this doesn’t appear to be a variation on another drink, beyond the ordinary fact that almost all drinks are variations on other drinks. 233 more words

Savoy Cocktail Book


Lately I have been super sick.  I don’t usually get sick and when I do they are never this bad.  I think it might be due to the change in weather here.   124 more words

The Castle Dip Cocktail

Another vintage cocktail with an exceptionally interesting name…at least it wasn’t called the Sheep Dip. What a castle dip is, I’m sure I don’t know. This technically shouldn’t be a green drink – the recipe calls for white… 214 more words


Ode To Insomnia

Can’t Sleep.

Should I try?

How does one try to sleep anyway?

I’ve already tried relaxing music.

Didn’t work.

There’s only so many ways to turn off your brain. 282 more words


The butterflies you gave me were poison

When I was younger, I was so attached to my bed that no amount of water, yelling or lights could separate me from it. I don’t know when this love affair with my bed started, but I can tell you, it was the most dramatic, self destructive relationship I’ve had in my lifetime. 1,004 more words