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Sick Day

As a child, getting sick was something of a treat. Sure, the actual illness itself was a drag – the stuffy nose, the throat that refused to swallow, the body that’s been hit by a truck and can’t move – but its other implications were decidedly positive. 897 more words

What's The Difference Between All The Many NyQuil Variations?

For decades, sick people in search of a night’s rest — and high school kids in search of something to amuse themselves with — took Vicks NyQuil, and eventually woke up, often feeling like they’d hibernated for a season. 396 more words

Lessons Learned- Drug Interactions

Everyone I know has been suffering from sinus issues this year. I’ve been struggling with them off and on since October of last year. As you probably know I also suffer from anxiety and depression. 243 more words

Mobile Minutes: Coherent

This is my only chance to type between doses of NyQuil. I couldn’t figure out if I was messing with allergies or a seasonal cold last night…until I went to get in bed. 101 more words

Daily Events

Jamie's BLOG - DAY 228 : head. cold.

Justin just ran out to buy me some NyQuil. I’ve been in bed most of the day nursing a sore throat.

Peak performance seems to be put on the back burner. 41 more words

Peak Performance