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Help me God, help me lose my appetite!!!

Violet Kim

109. Maybe it's because I'm tired.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.

I feel exhausted all the time, but no matter how tired I think I am, sleep eludes me. 151 more words

That Place Beyond Logic

There ought to be a word for people who irrationally cling to their beliefs way beyond the point where they could possibly make any sense to anyone, including themselves. 408 more words


Thankfulness Day 13

I’m not feeling that great tonight, so this might be a quick one. But hey…13 days in a row. I’m not doing so bad.

Day 13… 62 more words

Snippets Of Life

The Middle (Or How I Avoided Writing)

While EVERGREEN is still in the Query trenches, I’m still working on “Haven’t Found The Title Yet.” Now I’m not officially participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but I’m trying to take advantage of recovering from surgery to get as much writing in as I can. 545 more words


Eat, drink and be scary !

Welcome back fellow Hawks! I hope everyone had a great and spooky Halloween. The semester is getting closer and closer to being finished. I am so ready for a nice long break. 523 more words

UHCL Freshman Experience

In Six Words...

As I mentioned here 2014 will be the year of bloggers, for bloggers. Influenced by, and dedicated to Eli, aka Coach Daddy please enjoy the following.  417 more words