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Being Sick on Vacation- London

Happy Monday!
A little more than half way through my trip I ended up getting sick. I caught a really bad cold that started out as a sore throat and progressed from there. 217 more words



apr 25

i was a lot more social in my youth, when i was surrounded by Young People like me. I was unable to Close the deal with Grills because I was not Masculine or Decisive or Confident enough around them. 969 more words

Tuesday Three Songs - Cough Syrup

Theme: Cough Syrup

Why: All of these songs sound like you are in a fish tank after taking some Nyquill to kill off a cold. 98 more words



april 14

so anyway nobody was holding me down, forcing me to be super pessimistic, crushing my dreams. i was just naturally drawn to that! and I had the worst possible “dreams” anyway, music and writing. 1,056 more words

Day 232 - In Which I was High on Cough Medicine.

Money Spent: $11.99 on a bottle of DayQuil and $3.19 on Ricola cough drops to survive my commute.

So here’s an interesting fact I learned today: there’s a reason they call it Nyquil and Dayquil, and if you’re going to empty half a bottle of NyQuil at about 5am… you’re going to feel like someone ran you over 600 times and then dropped you on the 6 train to work, where you’ll have hallucinations of your keyboard being a pillow. 206 more words

The Pursuit Of Riches