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A lot of people talk about drugs, but I’d like to take a minute and really talk about the hardest of the hard drugs.  It may make you uncomfortable, but I think it’s about time someone addressed it.  844 more words


(FINAL)3 Days To Go...


Hey guys. I hope all is well with you folks.

I’m laying in bed, about to go to sleep i think. Or at least watch some Netflix or something. 994 more words

What Cancer Leaves Behind...#MondayBlogs

This past week I’ve had a strange reminder of how life has changed.

You see, I caught a cold: a garden-variety, run-of-the-mill head cold. I was miserable, sneezing, achy, whiny, and tired. 276 more words


Doing Drugs

So this past week, I became an old woman.

I’m not talking about grey hair, or creaking bones, or any of that standard stuff. (Though, I’m getting those as well.) No, this kind of aging was the stereotypical old-woman-in-a-home kind of thing. 474 more words


I’d like to thank the movie Inception for making me reevaluate my beliefs. More or less my belief of what is actually real. Feelings are real but can those be triggered? 187 more words

The Strange Way I Think.

Week 12 Recap

So we have come to the close of the twelfth week. I was only able to publish one post this week. Time was scare. My mind was a so occupied with the social occurrences rippling through the United States that every time I sat down to type, it was all I could think about. 257 more words

Perspective Park

Pizza Hut Express Rant/Breaking Bad at the Target

Before I went on my trip, I went to Target to get some things I needed. It was the Target near where I use to live with my old roommate with the yappy dogs. 362 more words

Lor Personally