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Weekly Food Shop For Less

Tom and I have always been quite frugal when it comes to grocery shops, I’m not a big food person unless it’s full fat and delicious and I’d rather spend £700 on Chanel shoes than 3 months of luxury food. 654 more words

NZ South Island

Things could be worse, right?

It’s no secret that NZ moves slowly when getting a job so we’ve been cautious about doing anything too exciting for fear that we’ll be broke and living on the streets. 600 more words

NZ South Island

Our British Day in NZ

On the weekend Tom and I decided to do the Cadbury tour but I just woke up in one of those moods, you know? When everything just seems to be against you and you just snap and say fine if the universe is going to give me crap then I’m giving the universe crap back but that really means you take it out on those ranging a 10 metre distance. 413 more words

NZ South Island

Dirty Cheap

Well Tom and I can now officially call Dunedin our home (not permanently of course, Mom you can relax), I guess it’s like having a baby and it’s bad luck to tell anyone before 12 weeks, well we were holding off writing/Skyping back home and telling everyone we’ve settled down for fear that we would have to pack up and leave again. 776 more words

NZ South Island

Birthday Bliss.

This post may not have the same pessimistic elements that the other post had… well until the end anyway. Yes this week it was my birthday and what a wonderful birthday I had! 777 more words

NZ South Island

It's pronounced Woofing

We have arrived in Dunedin safe and sound and we’re doing a bit of wwofing (you have to pretend to be a family pet). Kidding. Anyway so after getting off a 5 hour beautiful scenic bus ride across the mountains of the South Island we only have a 15 minutes walk to our hostel. 833 more words

NZ South Island

Skippers Canyon

Remember the workshop I went to in 2012? I mentioned it briefly in my entry “The Colours of Queenstown” – well, the photos on that post weren’t from the workshop itself. 293 more words