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Young Rising Star Joins Aussie Tour of NZ

Youngster Jye Woods of Brisbane is set to tour New Zealand as part of the Australian Cricket Test Squad in December this year after a solid first-class debut last year. 201 more words

Turning 50 but not yet

Nearly 2 years ago the year of Jane started and we celebrated her half century by doing lots of things that she would like, so being the younger half of our relationship I can’t hide from this fate forever, indeed so keen to turn 50 I have started practicing already. 207 more words


Normal life returns

Jane returned from Auckland and all went well for her. Sadly the weekend has flown and she returned to work this morning :-( .

However we had a good weekend with lots being done in the garden, never as much as was needed but it rarely is, we brought 2 Clematis plants from the local garden centre and  I promptly took cuttings from both as I caught one and broke a little off and made into a cutting but I had intended to take cuttings to increase the number of plants we have. 321 more words


Exploring Taupo on a Bicycle

OHYES please explore Taupo on a bicycle if you have got time to spare – YOU WILL NOT REGRET! It is rather safe to cycle in Taupo, so long as you keep to the rules on the road and observe safety by always checking your blind spot. 229 more words

New Zealand

Te Puia in Rotorua

Te Puia is home to the world famous Pohutu geyser, to mud pools, hot springs, to silica formations to the Kiwi bird and the national schools of wood carving, weaving, stone and bone carving. 165 more words

New Zealand

Road Trip South Island: Great Coast Road

It was sad to say goodbye to Abel Tasman, but we had to keep moving south. We picked up a new passenger when we left The Barn, Josefin from Germany. 692 more words


New Zealand - Day 8 at Fox Glacier, Franz Josef Glacier and Greymouth (Fail Day)

Unfortunately, just like the day, this post is a bit disappointing, but since not all things go to plan I decided to include it. Sorry about the distinct lack of photos! 193 more words