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Queenstown or Bust

Hi all! I’ve had a little bit of trouble accessing internet since we left on our trip for Queenstown – apparently New Zealand hostels and hotels don’t offer free Wi-Fi. 946 more words


Upside down or downside up

As a child, when I was digging tunnels in the sand of the North Sea beaches, I always believed if I’d dig deep enough, I would go through the middle of the earth and come out in New Zealand. 238 more words

A To Z Challenge

7 Fun links

These have been keeping us entertained in our house….

We don’t have Evian water here - our local tap water is fantastic tasting, but it was my preferred water to drink when we lived in the UK.   124 more words


RISK CASE STUDY: NZ death in custody. Officer didn't respond to alarm, send anyone, or record alarm. Didn't tell incoming shift | TVNZ

Ms Kingi died of an undiagnosed heart condition. Before dying she rang her cell alarm, but the guard on duty was too busy to respond, did not send anyone to check, did not record the alarm and did not refer it to the incoming shift. 36 more words


Tempting Kiwi hospitality and tantalising Tuatua's

When I had not lived in NZ for very long, one of my friends suggested that if I wanted to get tempted by the real NZ, we should go and visit her hometown, Whangarei. 320 more words

A To Z Challenge

Review: The Collective's Yoghurt Suckies

My boys love yoghurt but normal yoghurt pottles seem to be beyond their ability to manage.  They make a MESS!  They’re invariably spilt all down their uniforms or on the ground, not to mention the yoghurty mess that ends up in their lunchbox and backpack by the end of the day. 474 more words


Mudcakes and Roses February 2014

In this issue: Friends of Flora: The Fight to Save Our Native Species, Sharing Motueka’s Untold Stories, Helping Refugees Settle In, Bringing the Region’s History to Life Through Technology.

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