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From the ashes a phoenix is reborn

Today has been a great day a long day but no less great, it started with a awesome sunrise signalling the start of what has turned out well. 223 more words


REVIEW: Blue Belle Cafe

It’s not hard in Wellington to find that special something of a cafe that tickles each of your needs. Everyone is different and everyone needs a certain atmosphere, very rarely do cafes cater to all walks of life. 434 more words


Photos Week 2

I’m two weeks in and so far I have noticed slight drying on the sides of my nose and my lips need constant lip balm application. 28 more words


Chicken in the Sin Bin

One chick so far, mama hen lost two :-(  She is still sitting on about 4 more, poor thing is caged in as where she went clucky was quite high up and we did not like the idea of free falling chicks they would of got down but not up, so we have locked her in the sin bin so she and her chicks would be safe. 92 more words


Life is never easy but often good

How do you justify a postgraduate diploma with family life which isn’t quite perfect? The answer is you just get on with it.

Funny just keeping busy just me and my dog gibby doing the stuff he likes… 188 more words


In between visits

Well back and forward to Christchurch what the hell do you do when you are waiting to find out what you can do to help. Some shop, for me this time to get outside.   107 more words


Review: Ham on Rye

Ham on Rye is Charles Bukowski’s youthful, semi-autobiographic tale. Released in 1982, cult writer Bukowski explores his formative years and school education in graphic and depressing detail. 86 more words