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NZD/USD бодлогын хүүг өсгөсөн ч...

Шинэ Зеландын Нөөцийн банк(Төв банк) бодлогын хүүгээ 0,25% нэмэгдүүлж 3,5% болголоо. Ингэж өсгөсөн нь шинэ зеланд долларт (киви хочит) сайнаар нөлөөлөх ёстой байсан боловч…… ” бидний одоогийн баримталж буй мөнгөний бодлого хэтэрхий аюул осол ихтэй байгаа….он гарснаас хойш гурван ч удаа бодлогын хүүгээ нэмсээр байхад тодорхой үр дүн гарахгүй байгаа….киви одоогийн ханш дээр маш тогтворгүй байгаа болохоор… киви цаашид ер нь унасан нь   дээр юм дөө…” гэх маягийн зүйл хэлснээр 80-90 пип унаж улмаар доошилсоор байна.


Trade Alert: Short Nzd/Usd Takes Profit

JFx Special Situations portfolio takes profit on the short Nzd/Usd position at .8707.  The trade netted 98 USD pips. Missed the take/profit by about 7 pips and with a slew of US numbers due out soon I’m happy to take the trade off here and look for other opportunities.


Trade Alert: Sell Nzd/Usd

JFx Special Situations  SELLS short Nzd/Usd at .8805.  Take/Profit at .8683     Stop/Loss at .8853

I’m playing the Wheeler wild card here.  I think when the RBNZ governor has an opprotunity he will talk down the kiwi just like the RBA governor did. 21 more words


Auckland still driving NZ properties price rises

New statistics show that property prices in New Zealand are continuing to rise, with price growth in the country’s biggest city, Auckland, leading the way. 503 more words


The Danger in Labour's VSR

When I first looked at Labour’s proposed variable savings rate (VSR) my reaction was fairly lukewarm. Essentially I thought that although the policy may have some distributional consequences, the macroeconomic effects would probably be limited. 454 more words

Interest rate rise could happen this year, Bank of England governor Mark Carney signals GBPEUR above 1.25 &GBPUSD above 1.69

There has just been a shock in the markets; In a key note speech an hour ago, Governor of BoE Mark Carney said that an interest rate rise “could happen sooner than markets currently expect”. 114 more words

Trade Update : NZDJPY Weekly Donchian Channels ( DNC)

Trade Update : NZDJPY Weekly Donchian Channels ( DNC)

Using the Donchian Channels (DNC), to place trade , and using the MTFA Tool, with Tool 1 of the The Trading Tigers, price has hit the 38 % Fibonacci level, and pushed now through the high levels of the 23.6 level. 161 more words