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Acing “O” levels Exams: The Battle Plan

Now is the busiest academic period for O Level students. Their prelims are coming up soon and the real exams will kick start in October. To prepare them, schools conduct many extra classes and give many mock papers and tests for them to do. 892 more words

Science Tuition

It's All English To Me

Because of a series of circumstances (including but not limited to a) my over-eagerness to study in the United Kingdom and b) my desperate need to acquire money despite having nothing to spend it on) I have been spending my pre University days giving tuition to a host of colourful characters. 990 more words

General Paper

Roxette? Roxanne.

For the 16-year-old me, this record was something of a revelation.  Another trio, with just bass, guitar and drums, but here was a unique sound.  Sting’s voice was unlike any other at the time, as far as I recall, and there was something in Stewart Copeland’s drumming that hadn’t been heard before.   191 more words

To My Left

I look to my left – a weariness and a frown,
The smooth contours of your face distort into creases of frustration,
The pain in your eyes overshadows the glow which were to be in its place, 
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Good news

The night before Hassan’s O-level statistics result was announced I had a dream where I saw Daddy not looking very well, lying down on the sofa with his head propped up by pillows, but smiling widely, beaming broadly. 42 more words

Nigel Power - UKIP1 On The Party's Appeal To Young Voters

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If everyone who reads this article takes one thing out of doing so, I’d like it to be this; your stereotypes of UKIP voters are almost certainly wrong. 665 more words


My Eduation (and some background on England and Eduction)

What has been especially hard is that I do not really understand the American system, it just baffles me. I don’t understand why it starts so late, or that there is so much variation in curricula, that foreign languages are an afterthought, and that schools can actually be allowed to edit text books and teach that creationism is fact and evolution a ‘theory” 746 more words