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EDU 6132 Learners in Context: M6 Reflection

Principle of HOPE: H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process.

Family and community are huge elements in the lives of students, and have significant impact on student learning. 633 more words


Future Past

Possibly the only pun I think you’re allowed to use, right? Right

So I was looking for a way of announcing this blog but only once I had a few posts up and running plus figured out how to make the bloody Twitter timeline show up in the WordPress Pocket theme. 394 more words

Writing Workshops in Special Education

First, I must reiterate that Special Education requires major modification to general education strategies. Writing workshops are no different. The environment of the special education classroom would determine the effectiveness of a workshop. 335 more words


Manatee Lesson Plan

Attached is a lesson plan for 4th grade students reading an expository text and using the text to make their own non-fiction short book.

The lesson is based on the following Common Core State Standards: 72 more words


Is there a writing crisis in this country and how might you use a strategy or two to get students to write to learn?

Adults often bemoan the writing of the youth. It might be the use of emoji or because they employee shorthand that would make a stenographer cringe. 381 more words