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Accentuate the Poisitive

There is the quote by Emerson or someone famous like that:

“Your attitude determines your altitude,”

My attitude, then, has me tunneling through life.  I know I’m tired, I know I’m a little burnt around the edges, but I don’t need to be so negative/nasty about they way I describe taking care of Mom.  

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Random Voidness

Why am I doing this?

Last night was Friday. I had had a hectic week of work and was feeling pretty frazzled and ready for the opportunity to sleep in today. 1,057 more words


I'm new here - continued.....

Step 1 inventory continued…

1.Have I excelled at my job or gotten by? I would say I’ve excelled. I’m proud of my past jobs and my current one. 940 more words


Bipolar - The blow. . .

There isn’t any good way for me to tell this to you. I can’t think of a single way to soften the blow. . . 259 more words



i want to give you all a little background information about myself–i want you to know me a little bit better so that maybe you’ll understand how i came to be on this journey. 1,221 more words


"If it's Hysterical, It's Historical"

I just realized I have been having a passive-aggressive hissy fit on God. Unfortunately this meant I was taking it out on my husband and didn’t realize it. 721 more words


Reach opportunity attack

@AirPower25 yes, you attack when they leave your reach

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) July 18, 2014