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Morning Reflection 7/27/14

How is the OA program helping me achieve the freedom to think for myself?

“Only when we are fully self-supporting are we then able to ask for help.” Tradition 7… 171 more words


About self-pity

It has come to my attention that maybe I wasn’t so clear in my last post. The point is, I am human, I am going to have moments when I feel sorry for myself. 232 more words


Sticks and stones

When the OA and I started dating, we were so madly in love that we could see no wrong in the other. I gave in gracefully to anything he wanted. 721 more words


Doing a Personal Inventory - Who are you hurting by not making a change?

A few years ago I posted a blog correlating my healing process with a 12 step program similar to the 12 steps for Alcoholics Anonymous. I received quite a few positive responses at the time about how it helped others to have this simple direction that has proven successful for over 80 years. 1,086 more words


Anger is Cancer

Thank you all for allowing me to speak my truth yesterday. I have a couple of things I want to just touch on about what I said: First, before I wrote yesterday I was confused. 489 more words


Aquatic MIRAGE

Oh man!  I had a great day today.  So my current clinical experience is made up of 40% aquatic physical therapy.  I think it’s fine, the research on it, from what I can find, seems to support its efficacy and validate it’s use.   321 more words

Physical Therapy

The Anthony Cumia Arguments

Opie and Anthony was one of the most successful radio shows over the past decade, not just on satellite, but anywhere. The two hosts along with comic Jim Norton on the third mic have become major forces in the world of comedy and broadcasting. 1,046 more words