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Break a heart of stone

So yesterday I got sick.

I got so fucking sick of feeling full and empty at the same time. I actually managed to use the same impulse – well, somewhat the same – to get my coat on and get my ass to my first Overeaters Anonymous meeting. 245 more words

Mental Illness

Searching for Solutions

Might as well just be out with it before I get to the important stuff. I broke my abstinence last night.  On one hand, I’m devastated by it, but on the other I think I can use it as a learning experience so that I can prevent it from happening again. 862 more words


OA Pathfinder Workshop Report

At the end of October our Pathfinder, in collaboration with the Pathfinders led by the University of Hull and Coventry University, ran a full-day workshop on… 846 more words


Reality Check

I left things pretty heavy here last time and didn’t get back in to update as soon as I would have liked.  I’ve been a mix between busy and living inside my head at the moment.   820 more words

Daily Ramblings

How have we responded to the challenges of Open Access? (OA Pathfinder Workshop - Session 1)

After Nick’s introduction, I facilitated the first of three activities, entitled: How have we responded to the challenges of Open Access?

Our intention here was to lead a group discussion beginning with an outline of what each representative felt had been the key issues in implementing OA at their institution. 503 more words


To blog or not to blog... That is the question...

After 5 meetings… Yesterday was my first official “start day” in OA 12 steps for my eating disorder. I have eliminated all sugar, flour, wheat, and binge eating from my life. 450 more words


Organic Sulfur the Alternative Arthritis Therapy

Where to begin ? Well, there happen to be more than one hundred different types of Arthritis but to simplify things it can be divided into 2 categories ,inflammatory  and degenerative.   362 more words