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The Encounter

I’m so cold. Why am I so cold? The muscles in my neck screamed in agony from supporting the weight of my head as it hung limply for lord knows how long. 981 more words

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The Missing Magistrate (Dani's POV)

I watched as Hue sat pale and lifeless on the couch. Every so often he would get up long enough to yell, pound on the walls, sob and sink to the floor before Oliver, Ian, or I would encourage him to sit back down on the couch. 971 more words

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Enter the Magistrate

I looked up at the menacing tower hidden behind Myeongdong Cathedral, Seoul’s very own Gothic cathedral built between 1892 and 1898. Fae glamour kept the tower hidden from the eyes of Humans. 540 more words

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Chat with the Cat (Dani's POV)

“What do you mean they assigned her a familiar?!?!” Sheldon’s outrage filled my small apartment.

I gave him an unconcerned shrug. “The OAC promoted her to Magistrate and gave her a familiar. 541 more words

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Christmas at the Pole

Christmas Eve at the North Pole was hectic and more than a little magical. All around the campus large television monitors tracked Santa around the world. 1,894 more words

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Tally of 2014 Goals

I made a few writing goals for 2014. I updated the list a couple of times but here is the final tally!

*10 pieces of Paid writing-DONE… 65 more words


As part of the one year anniversary celebration, One African Child Ibadan had a mentorship programme at Jumpstart Academy at Bodija. Ibadan.

Jumpstart Academy, Bodija, Ibadan a place for all was the point of call. 353 more words