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Mundane Reflection

It’s been really quiet these last few days with Ian hanging out at his own place. Despite the invitation from Hue I have decided to not attend the games. 510 more words

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Alathea's First Impression

Alathea’s pale blond hair tumbled smoothly over her shoulders and down to her hips.  Her perfectly pointed chin and piercing blue eyes gave her the legendary ethereal beauty known among so many of the Elves.   1,898 more words

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Simple Pleasures

I sat staring at the row of candles in front of me.  I had recently started playing a game where I would line up ten candles.   795 more words

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Elven Baking 2

I’ve spent the last week surrounded by Dragons and exploring my dark side.  Balance is the key to a happy life, so I rearranged my apartment so I would have more sun in my office and dug out some of my Elven text books. 545 more words

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Stretching away the last of a good nights sleep, I tried not to yawn as I wandered into the main hall of the Dragon Lair.  I was just getting ready to settle down in a chair near the fireplace when I had to do a double take.   1,639 more words

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IMO: The B.Sc. Animal Biology Program at Guelph

Now available in podcast format:

Hello, everyone!

This is the first post of many to hopefully ensue. I would like to share my thoughts and experiences as someone who have been a part of this program for the last four years. 1,763 more words


Looking Over My Shoulder

My gaze shifted side to side.  It was mid-afternoon but even still I was jumpy.  A local Werelion had gone missing.  His daughter called in his disappearance to the OAC.   1,986 more words

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